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Blue Air

Blue Air is a Romanian airline founded in 2004. It is the biggest carrier operating in Romania, serving both internal and international flights. The main airport of Blue Air is Bucharest-Otopeni (Henri Coandă International Airport), situated 16,5 km from Bucharest. Foreign hubs of Blue Air are situated in Turin, Liverpool and Larnaca. The brand is systematically expanding range of its services, offering flights to more than 100 places in Europe and on the Middle East (among others: France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy or Egypt). Blue Air offers also charter flights.

In January 2016 Blue Air became a member of IATA, International Air Transport Association, and a few months earlier it had received the IOSA certificate, confirming that brand operates with the highest security standards.


Regardless from chosen booking class, passengers of Blue Air can take onboard one hand luggage in price of a ticket. In cabin luggage, all valuable objects, documents and electronic devices should be put, as they may get destroyed in luggage hatch. Purse or bag for camera/laptop have to be packed to hand luggage.

According to the company’s rules, each passenger can have up to 4 pieces of registered luggage. Its allowed weight depends on chosen booking class. Charge for suitcase can differ depending on date of flight (in peak period prices are higher). Passenger flying on internal routes in Romania, can have one free of charge registered luggage of smallest, allowed by the carrier sizes and weight.

Booking classes

Blue Air offers 3 booking classes: Light, Classic and Premium, in all of them there is free of charge check-in. Light class is guaranteed for lowest fares and one hand luggage included in price. Classic is dedicated to people, who travel with additional small registered luggage and want to book their place in a plane. Passengers choosing that class, get discounts for charges for change of date or route of flight. In case of Premium class, passengers can take with them a bit heavier registered luggage, they aren’t charged for changes in booking, can book place with bigger space for legs, as well as (on most routes) receive free refreshments. Blue Air has also in offer a class Territorial Continuity on a route Alghero-Rome-Alghero (perks for passengers include, among others, free of charge drinks, lack of charges for changes in booking, small registered luggage included in price).

Online Check-in

Free online check-in is possible 30 days before a departure, it is worth to remember though, that you have to do it at the latest 12 hours before a scheduled flight. In case of changes in booking of a ticket, you have to do the check-in again. Online check-in is possible almost on every routes covered by Blue Air. Exceptions are flights from, among others, Lisbon, Palma de Mallorca or Tel Aviv. The whole list is available on the carrier’s official webpage. People, that choose personal check-in, should arrive at the airport 2 hours before a departure.


In Blue Air’s fleet there are around 30 narrow-cabin passenger planes Boeing 737 from series 737-300, 737-400, 737-500, 737-700 and 737-800. Characteristic white-blue machines have from 120 to 189 seats. Depending on model of a plane, its flying velocity is between 785 and 823 km/h.

In 2017, the brand announced that is placed order for tens of planes Boeing 737 MAX 8, that will enter its fleet in second quarter of 2019.

Bucharest-Otopeni in Otopeni

Main premises of the airlines is the airport Bucharest-Otopeni (Henri Coandă International Airport) in Otopeni. It is the biggest airport in Romania, serving internal and international flights. Between terminal run free buses. The facility was adjusted to needs of disabled people. On the area of the airport there are situated numerous shops, cafes, Internet spots, as well as a chapel. All information on boards for passengers are written in two languages – Romanian and English.

Distance between the airport and Bucharest is 16.5 km. Tourists can cover that route by train, bus (final destination is Gara de Nord), taxi or rented on the area of the airport car (to Bucharest we can get via international road DN1)


Blue Air offers its passenger sweets, snacks, alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, as well as hot and cold dishes. The carrier’s offer depends on route. On some of them, passenger receive free snacks and drinks. Bigger dishes can be available on longer routes, as well as on flights to/from Bucharest or Sibiu. Refreshments can be booked during a flight, as well as earlier – during booking process. The gastronomic offer is diversified, that is why everyone can find something for themselves.

Additional attractions

During a light, passengers can read onboard newspaper “beBlueAir”. It is worth to know, that for clients of Blue Air, a special loyalty programme MyBlue was prepared, in which passengers get special points for each flight with the carrier. These points can be used for purchase of another flight tickets at BlueAir, thanks to which its price will be lower. The carrier has also the integrated ticket booking system, that allows clients simultaneously booking a flight, as well as transport in co-operating with BlueAir company. That offer is available for shuttle of passenger from Constance or Brasov to Bucharest-Otopeni airport.