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  • General information

    Official language: French
    Time zone: UTC+2 (summer), UTC+1 (winter)
    Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Big sailing ships

    In the city, every four years, the Fête Maritimes de Brest takes place, during which the world's largest ships dock at the port. The next edition is on 10-16 July 2020.

  • Wonders in the garden

    In the city's botanical garden you can admire nature and rest among greenery. Interestingly, you will find there, among others, titan arum – the most smelly flower in the world.

  • Must see

    In the city centre you can admire a giant drawbridge over the Penfeld river. Le pont de Recouvrance from 1954 for many years was the largest construction of this type in Europe.

What’s worth seeing in Brest?

Brest is the westernmost town in north western France. Although it is not a typical tourist destination with interesting monuments or museums, it captivates with its vibe and delights with the proximity of the spectacular cliff coast of the Atlantic Ocean and local, Breton cuisine.

Brest is the largest city of Lower Brittany. Formerly, it was the most important French port, today it is a typically university city. After the ancient maritime history, there are remains of eighteenth-century fortifications (still partly used by the navy), as well as the Maritime Museum (Musée National de la Marine du Château de Brest) and the Océanopolis aquarium in the Moulin Blanc port. Among the 20th century buildings is standing out a medieval castle Château de Brest, from where there is an interesting panorama of the city and a view of the sea.

The biggest attraction, however, are landscapes outside the city. Brittany is famous for the beautiful cliff coast of the Atlantic, which is visited not only in summer, but also in autumn and winter, when spectacular storms can be admired. Just a few kilometres from the city you can also find beautiful sandy beaches. It is worth going on a hiking trip to at least one of the many touristic routes (les sentiers côtiers), remembering that there are several really interesting windsurfing and sunbathing spots along the way, as well as the Breton towns with equally interesting local cuisine.

What is worth eating there? Of course, pancakes, or crêpes, which Brittany is famous for. In some restaurants you can come across their dry version of buckwheat flour, or galettes. You also need to taste seafood and fish, for e.g. scallops (noix Saint-Jacques), oysters or cotriade fish soup. For dessert, choose a pancake with salted caramel (caramel au beurre salé), and to drink local liquor, or cider in a brut or doux version. The best seafood dishes are served by the beachfront restaurants or at the bay. It is worth going, for example, to La Maison de l'Océan, Le crabe-marteau or Aux Vieux Greements.


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