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  • General information

    Official language: Spanish
    Time zone: UTC -4
    Currency: Bolívar fuerte (VEF)

  • Instead of bread

    Staying in Barcelona you will surely meet arepa – a kind of bread made of flour and water. It is baked, fried and cooked and is replacing bread, eaten separately or as addition to dishes.

  • Pequeńo

    Pequeńo – if you hear that name, you will know that it means a small cup of strong and essential coffee. In Venezuela culture of drinking coffee is very common, so it is worth to give it a try!

  • A sandy shore

    Seaside of Anzoátegui, a state whose capital is Barcelona is one, long beach. It goes for 100 kilometres, allowing to admire white, paradise sand.

What’s worth seeing in Barcelona?

Barcelona in Venezuela is not probably a place that will come to your mind firstly when hearing its name. It is worth to get to know also this less popular city. Its full name is Nueva Barcelona del Cerro Santo, it lies in the northern part of the country, is the capital of the region (in Spanish – Municipio) Simón Bolívar, as well as capital of the whole state Anzoátegui.

When it is best to visit this one of the most urbanized cities in Venezuela? All year round! Temperature is not falling below 20 Celsius degrees there, so you can go there whenever you want. Barcelona was undergoing many renovations so new architecture can adjust to historical buildings. It worked out in majority, but still during a walk you can notice there standing next to each other buildings that completely don’t’ fit. It gives an interesting effect.

Go to historical squares of the city of which Barcelona is famous for. Among them we can name for instance 
Boyacá square – dated back to times where the city was founded, surrounded by buildings in the colonial style, making huge impression – that today is the main square in Barcelona. Other squares worth visiting are Miranda and Bolivar.

Among attractions there is no way to miss natural resources offered by Barcelona! Lovely beaches, lagoons and diversity of plants, are perfect environment for spending calmly days, full of relax, rounded by exquisite sunsets. Make sure to go to hot springs Naricual! That place is situated just a few kilometres from Barcelona, and yearly is visited by many tourists and locals. Water there contains a lot of iron, which is making the flow to stop and looks like white. Looking at waterfall from the height of a few dozen metres, you can guarantee yourself some breath taking views. Be careful though! Temperature of water in some spots can reach even 50 Celsius degrees.

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