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Boa Vista

  • General information

    Official language: Portuguese
    Time zone: UTC -4
    Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

  • The northern hemisphere

    Boa Vista, a capital of state Roraima, is the only Brazilian capital of state, which is entirely located on the northern part from the equator. It lies just 220 kilometres from the border with Venezuela.

  • Only by plane

    Boa Vista has land connection only with two big cities – Lethem in Guyana and Santa Elena Uairen in Venezuela. To other Brazilian cities you can only get by plane.

  • Anaua Park

    Perfect place for rest on open air. This is one of the biggest parks in this part of the country. Apart from huge green areas, it has also a lake, a go-cart lane and a racetrack.

What’s interesting to see in Boa Vista?

One of the furthest located in north cities of Brazil, established on 9th July 1890 as Boa Vista do Rio Branco. Later on, the name was shortened. „Boa Vista” means literally a beautiful view.

When you look at a map, you will straight away notice a unique urban system of Boa Vista. An oval square in the city’s centre, near a river, with streets radiantly stretching out from it – it was designed by Darci Aleixo Derenusson. The architect was inspired by similar system of Paris, as well as other Brazilian cities – Belo Horizonte and Goiânia. On the main square there are situated local government’s buildings, the Palace of Culture and the cathedral. There is also a monument – an homage to miners, who were first to settle in the city.

From the central square go via Av. Jaime Brasil in direction of Rio Branco. When you reach the final crossroad, R. Floriano Peixoto, turn right. After a moment you will reach Old Taumanan. It is a small pier built in 2005. In the river you can’t swim, but nearby you can rent boats and canoes, on which you can visit the area. On territory of a pier itself there are a few eateries. Sit for a while and favour eyes with power of nature.

If you are just planning your visit to Boa Vista, choose June. In Europe it is popular to celebrate 24th of June, a day of Saint John. Portuguese brought to the New World this habit, but who would limit themselves to just one day… In Boa Vista celebrations last 15 days! During that time on streets there are fires, fireworks and folk dances. Something that used to be a rural custom, in Brazil has risen up to a big, urban festival.

Hungry? Brazilian cuisine is a total mix of cuisines of different regions of Europe composed with local traditions. Through years it has evolved, mixing imported recipes and using what was available on the spot. That is the history of origin of peixe ao molho de batata, fish in potato sauce and bolinho de bacalhau, fried cod balls. The most tasty dishes you will find in Recanto de Peixada at Avenida major Williams 1670.

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