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  • General information

    Official language: Portuguese
    Time zone: UTC -3
    Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

  • Going the distance

    Going to Pará, you need to remember to always take into account delays in getting from one city to another by land road. Time of journey can prolong, especially during rainy season.


  • A small tributary of a big river

    The city’s name comes from the river, by which it was founded. Parauapebas in Tupi language means a small tributary of a big river, and the second part of course refers to the river Amazon.

  • A noisy city

    Being there, you will be surprised out of how many places noises come from. There are densely located megaphones which plays radio broadcasts whole day round.

What’s worth seeing in Parauapebas?

Parauapebas is a city located in a state Pará, in northern part of Brazil. Through the state there is flowing the Amazon, the longest river in the world, with the biggest basin and the highest average inflow. Another symbol of the area? Of course the Amazon forest, which is also a part of Amazonia, the biggest, as well as the most diversified in species, green area on the planet. It makes up for half of territory of rain forests. In the region, up until the 80’s, nothing was particularly going on. A breakthrough for Parauapebas was launch of the biggest iron ore mine in the world in neighbouring Serra dos Carajás.

Attractions, that you find there, are mostly connected with very abundant nature. In the closest area of Parauapebas there are located two national parks - Floresta Nacional do Tapirapéaquiri and Floresta Nacional do Itacaiuna as well as forest preserve Reserva Biológica do Tapirapé. In the city itself you can go to an urban zoo – Parque Zoobotanico Vale, situated by Estrada Raimundo Mascarenhas. You will meet there many animals that you won’t find anywhere else. Be careful with playful monkeys!

Where to go for dinner while in Parauapebas? According to recommendations of locals and tourists three places are worth visiting. The first one is restaurant Dom Mendonca, located by Rua 10, Uniao. Served there are dishes of Brazilian cuisine, as well as Japanese. In menu you can find many seafood as well as dishes based on rice. Another wort visiting place is Becco Arte e Bistrô at Rua 9 254. You will also find there Brazilian cuisine’s dishes, but not only, there are also French dishes or Spanish ones, and everything is served in modern way. If you don’t care about very exclusive interiors, but you like to eat well cooked meat, go to a bar Galego. Situated by Rua 14, 241, step by to taste some delicious steak!

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