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  • General information

    Official language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara
    Time zone: UTC -5
    Currency: Sol (PEN)

  • Taxis

    Around the city you can move around by local buses, but placement of bus stops remains quite a mystery for tourists. Easier and relatively cheap is driving in electric pedicabs.

  • Souvenirs

    Juliaca offers things that are the best in Peruvian culture – warm, woollen jumpers and socks. Original, hand-made, are to get on every Sunday on a market in the city’s centre.

  • Cruise by Titicaca

    The lake makes enormous impression, no wonder then that locals organise cruises on it. It is a perfect way to visit the whole shore and admire small islands.

What’s interesting to see in Juliaca?

In the middle Andes, in the south of Peru, close to Lake Titicaca there is Juliaca – the biggest city in the region, established in 1826. Back in the day, it was famous for production of socks, jumpers and hand-made things. Today it is a starting point for tourists planning to visit traditional Peruvian villages and leftovers after Incan times.

While walking through Plaza de Armas you will admire the old town in its magnificence. There is located the church of Santa Catalina, called also the white church from Juliaca. Its construction was started by Jesuits in 1649, but works were finished 125 years later. Inside there are preserved paintings from the Baroque.

As inhabitants of South America, citizens of Peru know how to party. It’s no different in Juliaca. Each year, from February till March, a full of laughter, dance and colours carnival is taking place there. Residents get dressed in colourful costumes and dance on the streets. Many of them cultivate tradition of a local dance, typical for Altiplano (plateau Collao). It originates from a rebellious tribe Qulla, that used to live in this region and fight Incas.

While in Juliaca, book a few hours for a trip to ruins of Sillustani. It is a pre-Incan cemetery of the tribe Qulla. Those Indians had unique way of burying dead – corpses were laid in family tombs in shape of towers named chullpas. Location of cemetery adds to its special vibe – the cemetery is on uninhabited hill, surrounded from three sides by a lagoon.

Traditional Peruvian cuisine is simple and filling. After whole day of sightseeing we recommend visit at Restaurant Trujillano at Jr. San Roman, where you can eat delicious trout with tomato roast or rice with egg and banana. If you get cold in the evening, step by El Tablon at C.C. Real Plaza, where they serve delicious, warming chicken soup.

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