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  • General information

    Official language: Thai
    Time zone: UTC +7
    Currency: Baht (THB)

  • Visit islands

    A half hour by motorboat from the shore there are a few small islands with paradise beaches. We recommend Koh Phak Bia lub Ko Hong.

  • The market

    Inhabitants of Krabi are eager to spend time on markets – no only buying things, but also lively discussing. Let yourself drag by the bazaar, and you will feel local vibe.

  • When to fly?

    The peak period is from November to March. It is a cold season – with temperatures of at least 30 Celsius degrees. The warm season least till August – temperatures above 40 Celsius degrees. The rest of months is rainy season.

What’s worth seeing in Krabi?

A beautiful nook of the world, of which not many tourists have heard. If you want to discover a new place in Thailand, without crashing with crowds of tourists, Krabi will be perfect.  Local warm sea and sandy beaches are like nowhere else, and views are spectacular. What is interesting, touristic infrastructure is quite well developed there.

Just 5 kilometres from Krabi, surrounded by jungle, is the Cave of the Tiger, Wat Tham Seua. Monks practicing vipassana, one of the oldest technic of meditation, meditates there. Vipassana was taught by Buddha nearly 2500 years ago. He claimed that this the way to best understand the world we live in. Don’t get surprised by humans intestines hanging by the entrance to the cave. Trips to that place are organized by tourist agencies in Krabi.

In the province you can spend time in two ways – lying on the beach or sailing in boat between islands. That second option is much more interesting, as you can take with you diving equipment and jump into the water during the cruise.

Practically everyone, who at last once heard about Thai cuisine, considers it as one of the best in the world. And it is not about some exquisite restaurants, where a whole bunch of chefs cook for one guy. There, at every roadside shack you can eat delicious, simple local dishes, that fascinates with their flavour. All thanks to ingredients – lemon, coriander, local basil, chili peppers. Important ingredient is also Thai fish sauce, that makes dishes tastes in characteristic way.

Looking for places to eat, go where many locals eat. What to try then? Get tempted by flagship dish of Thai cuisine, pad thai. It is pasta fried with shrimps, fish sauces and tamarind sauce. Do you prefer soups? Order thom kha gai, which is soup from chicken on coconut milk with addition of mushrooms, corn and green pea.

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