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La Serena

  • General information

    Official language: Spanish
    Time zone: UTC-4 (summer), UTC-3 (winter)
    Currency: Chilean peso (CLP)

  • The characteristic spot

    One of the most characteristic places in La Serena is famous Lighthouse. It was built in the middle of the 20th century, since 2010 it is officially recognized as the National Monument.

  • Local titbit

    Staying in La Serena, make sure to try its local titbit! It is juice made of papaya, that grows in the neighbourhood of the city,  and you can taste this drink on nearly each corner street, especially on stalls.

  • For adults

    An interesting proposal for adult tourists is another local drink – Pisco. It has various versions, popular one is Pisco Sour, composed of alcohol, lemon juice, sugar and egg white.

What’s interesting to see in La Serena?

La Serena is a city situated in the northern part of Chile, it is the capital of the region Coquimbo. It was established in first half of the 16th century, which means it is the second oldest city in the country. It is also one of the fastest developing region in Chile, since 1992 in ten years its population grew by more than 30 percent.

Being there, take a look around, the city can boast of magnificent architecture, thanks to its long history. La Serena is beautiful, surrounded by avenues with trees, urban squares and unique churches. Most of buildings were built in the colonial times or post-colonial (those are mainly created based on a plan of president Gabriel González Videl from the 40’s).

The city is often visited by tourists, especially in summer, when Chilean beaches are exceptionally enchanting. Along La Serena there is stretched lovely, unusually long and wide seaside, perfect for leisure by the sea. Take a walk via running along the beach Avenida del Mar to choose a perfect place for you. On your way you can also make shopping.

La Serena has a lot of places to offer for spending a night out. If you are greedy for adrenaline, go to a casino Enjoy Coquimbo at Peñuelas Nte 56. It is situated around seven kilometres from the centre, but still is worth to go there. In La Serena you will also find many splendid restaurants. We recommend, for instance, Pica Mar Adentro at Avenida Costanera 20, where you can taste great seafood and various soups. Other place? Bar Huentelauquen at Ave de Mar 4500, where in low-key ambience you will eat dishes of South American cuisine, though place also offers pizza. It is worth for you to go to a restaurant Bakulic at Avenida del Mar 5700, where you will eat dish typical for Chilean cuisine.

Around the city there are located pretty villages, where you will also be able to admire astrological phenomenon, taking advantage of outstanding weather conditions and unusually clear sky. Among place in neighbourhood, we have to name the beach La Herradura – make sure to go there!

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