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Montes Claros

  • General information

    Official language: Portuguese
    Time zone: UTC-3 (summer), UTC-2 (winter)
    Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

  • Holidays in Montes Claros

    Citizens of the city are celebrating uproariously many holidays, both religious and secular ones. Among them we can name Corpus Christi or a feast commemorating emancipation of the city on July 3rd.

  • Lapa Grande

    Lapa Grande is a group of caves located near the city. Among them it is worth to name Lapa D'Água and Lapa da Nascente, on which walls one can admire animal fossil.

  • Ildeberto Alves de Freitas

    If you want to reach the city by bus, the location of bus station would be important information for you. Ildeberto Alves de Freitas is situated at Presidente Tancredo Neves square.

What to see in Montes Carlos

Montes Claros – a city in the northern part of the state Minas Gerais, in the eastern Brazil, close to the river Verde Grande.

In the city and its surroundings there are many green areas. Among them we can name the Urban Park Milton Prates by Avenida Mestra Fininha - Morada do Parque. In the city’s closest neighborhood there is also a big, state park - Parque Estadual da Lapa Grande, which you can find at Estrada do Alfeirão. After whole day of sightseeing, it is worth to rest in one of them.

Cuisine of the region, including of course Montes Claros, is based on simple, regional products. Often is served chicken or pork in the company of local, fresh vegetables. Traditional dishes are prepared in coal or wood-fired ovens, also many restaurants have adopted this method of cooking as it guarantees unique and characteristic taste. In pies there is often used corn or manioc flour, as climate doesn’t allow wheat to effectively grow. Popular dish is pão de queijo, small cheese bread, eaten for breakfasts or as snack during day.

Hungry? The city has a lot of good restaurants. If you want to try some Brazilian cuisine – choose the restaurant Favoritto, located at Rua Tupinambas 58 or Octoo Bar e Restaurante at Avenida Donato Quintino 90. If you want to have a choice among food from all over the world – great option will be Cozy Resto at Rua Olimpio Dias de Abreu 47. If you want to taste wll prepared steaks – choose Casa Amaral- carnes e afins at Rua Olimpio Dias de Abreu.

From Montes Claros you can go for a trip to the south of the state. There are mountains there, on which northern side there are situated many health resorts. In them you can visit hot springs and curative baths. Mineral waters from those springs are bottled and sold in different parts of the country.

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