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Puerto Maldonado

  • General information

    Official language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara
    Time zone: UTC -5
    Currency: Sol (PEN)

  • Surazo and friaje

    In the area of Puerto Maldonado weather is hot and humid, but once in a while temperatures fall to a few Celsius degrees due to arctic winds from south. This phenomena is called surazo or friaje.

  • Looking for gold?

    Some guides apart from a visit in the jungle, offer also a visit at gold diggers. These people are not eager to talk about their work, but will gladly sell you some not-so-legally dig up ore.

  • Spiritual purification

    In villages close the city there are a few places which offer tourists spiritual purification according to local traditions. For such stay, that comes together with drinking ayahuasca, you have to book at least couple of days.

What’s worth seeing in Puerto Maldonado?

A city founded in 1902 in tropical forests of Amazonia, at the confluence of the rivers Tambopata and Madre de Dios. It is a perfect starting point for people wanting to visit nearby national parks - Manú and Bahuaja-Sonene and forest preserve Tambopata. These are one of the most pristine rainforests in the world.

You should start sightseeing of the city from the Obelisk located at the crossroad of Avenida Fitzcarrald and Madre de Dios. There in an observation tower in it, from which you can admire the whole Puerto Maldonado and tropical forest. Not historical buildings, but nature, are the biggest advantage of the town. Make sure to visit the island of monkeys. It is a place where many species of this animal are living. They are used to tourists’ visits and are not very flighty. Those braver ones are even eager to sit on shoulders of visitors and beg for food.

Hot? On Plaza de Armas you can get delicious ice-creams made of local fruits. On a nearby local market you will try freshly squeezed out juices and even eat cheap dinner, for e.g. chicken balls wrapped in leaves and steam-cooked. If you prefer a visit in a restaurant, in Puerto Maldonado you can try some exquisite Amazonian cuisine. Definitely you have to try ceviche, salad with marinated in lime juice fish, sweet potatoes, corn and avocado. The best one is served in Burgos’s Restaurant at 26 de Diciembre, close to a port terminal.

A journey to the heart of the jungle is not only reserved for fans of survival trips. Touristic industry in Peru is well-developed and even a beginning tourist can find attraction customized to his abilities. In Puerto Maldonado you will get bugged by a local guide straight away after your arrival. An offer covers almost everything – walks through drafted paths in a forest preserve or a few days stay in hut in the heart of the jungle together with trying to communicate with local tribes. Just make sure your guide has a licence.

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