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  • General information

    Official language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara
    Time zone: UTC -5
    Currency: Sol (PEN)

  • Wawakiki Beach

    Ilo is famous in the region for its beautiful beaches, which are very popular among locals. The best-known one, featuring fine white sand, is called Wawakiki and lies north of the city.

  • Shell fountain

    Could there be something more natural in a port city than the seashell? It’s not surprising that the fountain on Plaza de Armas was formed as a cascade of shells, which resembles the paintings of Botticelli.

  • El Algarrobal

    It’s a city museum with a collection of prehistoric objects found in the area. The most interesting are the remnants of Chiribaya culture – their colorful fabrics are second to none.

Things to see in Ilo

Ilo is a port city in the southeast of Peru. It’s the second largest metropolitan in the region and a capital of the Ilo Province. In the 16th century, the conquistadors brought olives to the area which helped it develop as a heartland of olive cultivation. After the extension of the pier in the 19th century, the trade has grown in the city. It was then that Italian, Chinese, Japanese and German citizens began to settle here.

Ilo can be proud of its remarkably rich fauna. In the Punta de Coles Nature Reserve, situated on the coast nearby the airport, you can come face to face with wild animals. It’s home to sea lions, guano birds, pelicans, iguanas, ?seagulls?, and many other species. The population of sea lions in the area is estimated at approximately 3,500 individuals.

Architecturally, the most interesting are the 19th-century houses with their characteristic ornate facades, large gates and windows, and spacious rooms. Many of them are built from two kinds of material – the ground floor is stone, while the first one is made of wood. Also, balcony railings and some of the ornaments are wooden. Interestingly, the balconies serve not only as aesthetic objects but also as outdoor corridors.

On the malecón nearby Plaza Grau, you’ll find the viewpoint. It was erected in 1915 on a rocky cliff. The wooden Venus bridge links it with a seashore. The viewpoint, called Glorieta José Gálvez, has benches and platforms that allow walkers to enjoy watching the sea, vessels, fishing boats, and flocks of birds sitting on nearby rocks and hunting fish. And if you get lucky, you’ll spot sea lions lounging on the rocks.

When you get hungry, visit Sargoloco on Jirón Ayacucho. They offer generous portions and live music played by local bands. Excellent seafood is served at El Corsario on Los Olivares. And if you have a taste for fish soup, step into Katamaran Restaurant on Costanera.

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