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  • General information

    Official language: Portuguese
    Time zone: UTC-3 (summer), UTC-2 (winter)
    Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

  • The city’s nicknames

    Brazilians called Joinville also:  Manchester City, the city of flowers, the city of princes, the city of bikes and the city of dance. Which name described the best reality? Find out yourself.

  • Why Joinville?

    A daughter of Dom Pedro I married a prince of French city Joinville and received as the dowry areas of today’s city. Back then the name of the city was changed from Colônia Dona Francisca to Joinville

  • Dancing city

    In the city takes place a Festival of Dance Joinville, one of the biggest dancing party in the world. It also has Escola de Teatro Bolshoi – the only branch of Russian ballet school outside Russia.

What’s worth seeing in Joinville?

Joinville is the biggest city of the Santa Catarina state in the southern region of Brazil. Lands, that have been inhabited for 7 thousand years, attract with a rich history and protected by UNESCO area of the Atlantic Forest ooze with the beauty of landscapes and variety of flora and fauna.

Around 4800 years B.C. the region of today’s state Santa Catarina was inhabited by people dealing with mainly agriculture and fishing of molluscs. When in the 18th century to South America arrived Europeans, on these lands lived Indians of the tribe Tupi-Guarani. Quickly moved in there Portuguese with slaves from Africa. Joinville was established on 1851 by German, Swiss and Norwich immigrants, mostly bankers and merchants, that developed trade and local industry.

What’s worth seeing there? Start sightseeing from Museu Nacional da Imigração e Colonização, in which you will get to know closer the history of the region. Its premises are situated in an elegant palace from 1970, and leads to it beautiful, planted with high palm trees Rua das Palmeiras. Visit also the renovated railway station with the museum of railway, sports center and playground. We recommend a trip to Parque da Caiera and Parque Ecológico Morro do Finder to lovers of wild nature. These are reservations of biosphere and parts of the Atlantic Forest that is under the UNESCO protection. Interesting landscape, wild flora and fauna and charming lakes and caves really make an impression! The city with a view for the Babitonga bay, is best to be seen from Mirante, a 250metres high tower. A lazy afternoon can be spent in the relaxation-exhibit center Expoville.

Santa Catarina is famous for cuisine rich in perfectly prepared seafood and fishes. Thanks to German influences, you can eat there tasty…apple pie. Try arroz carreteiro, a mix of meat, rice, tomatoes, onion and spices. Barreado is, on the other hand, a very popular meat stew, that is cooked with spices even for 18 hours, an then served with rice, flour from manioc and fried bananas. Where to eat? We recommend Lanchonete Rio da Prata and Restaurante Hubener.

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