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  • General information

    Official language: Portuguese
    Time zone: UTC -4
    Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

  • White clay

    The name of the city – Tabatinga – in Tupi language means literally white clay. The name is referring to rocks that are on the river’s bottom. Other meaning of the name is little house.

  • By boat or by plane

    Travelling to Tabatinga it is the best to choose air way, though you can also get there by boat. The closest airport is  Aeroporto Internacional de Tabatinga, that handles internal flights.

  • The beginning of a journey

    Have you sightseen the city? Great, now you can go for a boat trip on the Amazon river. You can start your journey from Manaus, it can take between around 40 hours, if you travel by fast boat, to even 6 days.

What to see in Tabatinga

Tabatinga – a city situated in the Brazilian state Amazonas, in a tri-border area close to Peru and Colombia. The city was founded in 1981. Thanks to its location, the city offers attractions connected to all three, neighbouring with each other countries.
Interesting thing about Tabatinga is fact that it is often considered as united with Colombian’s Leticia, which is technically lying in a different country. Being there you will find it easily to cross border without even noticing it, as citizens do.

Near the city there is a river, on which bank you can sit and fish or take a boat and sail on it enjoying Amazonian nature. Surrounding area offers beautiful sunsets and even possibility of admiring dolphins! It also has a ZOO - Parque Zoobotanico at Avenida da Amizade, in which you can see closely exotic animals.
Hungry? Great, as the city has some regional snacks to offer. Among them are ceviche, seafood salad, arepa, tortilla of corn flour or feijoada, a kind of stew from black beans, meat and spices, mostly served with rice. If you fancy to eat dinner in a restaurant, go to Tres Fronteiras do Amazonas at Rua Rui Barbosa 353. It offers Brazilian, Peruvian and Colombian cuisine and the vast choice of fishes. On the evenings it is worth to go to bar and try drinks prepared in Brazilian or Colombian style.

The city a good destination for you, if you are into extreme sports. Practised there are parkour, bicicross or motocross. In Tabitanga’s twin town – Leticia – there is taking place a festival dedicated to cultures of three bordering countries. Each day of festival is dedicated to one of them – Brazil, Peru or Colombia. There are dances, tasting of local cuisine and you get to know other elements of national culture.

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