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  • General information

    Official language: Russian
    Time zone: UTC +3
    Currency: Russian ruble (RUB)

  • Plenty of plants

    In 2014 the city was one of the host of Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. On this occasion, in the town were planted many plants – almost 70 thousand of young trees and bushes appeared.

  • The monument of Lenin

    An interesting fact is that in the city there still a monument of Lenin (a silver one!). If you are fascinated by socialist period in Russia, make sure to visit 3 Lenin St.

  • European standards

    The town has Sochi Park, which is called a Russian Disneyland. You can find there 20 roller coaster, including the biggest and the fastest in the country, as well as many other attractions for kids.

What’s worth seeing in Adler?

Adler is a name of one of microregions, to which Sochi is divided, as well as the whole Russia. It is situated at the Black Sea and goes for 17 kilometres of its shore. The city was established in the 19th century, there are many international events taking place there, but most of all Adler is one of the most popular summer resort in the country. The beach is situated in a distance of two kilometres from the city’s centre, it has a lighthouse and lot of green urban areas.

Where to eat, while staying in the neighbourhood? Locals and tourists mention often three places. One of them – Khmeli & Suneli at Demokraticheskaya 52A offers delicious dishes of Russian and Caucasian cuisine. In other, La Luna at Tavricheskaya St you can try dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, which you will probably fancy when staying there on holidays. Last place is something for lovers of Japanese cuisine and seafood – Nippon House, its address is Kirova 26.

Local health resort has had very good opinion for many years, they own modern medical equipment – if you need this kind of rest, Adler would be a perfect choice for you. Especially mud therapies and drinking local water, rich in special minerals, have really beneficial influence on the organism, influencing positively curations of many disease.

Real Russian vibe can be felt of course on the city’s market. In Adler you can find it in the area of the river Mzymta, its exact address is ulitsa Demokraticheskaya 38. There are plenty of shops and stands, you can buy there everything, most of all food and drinks. Vibe is unusually buzzy, it is worth to visit that place.

If you fancy admiring the area from a bigger perspective, we recommend organizing yourself a trip to the mountain Akhun, located around 20 kilometres from the city’s centre. The hill, that has 663 metres above the sea level, is the highest point in the whole Sochi. On its peek a viewing tower was built, from which there is stretched out beautiful panorama of the Western Caucasus.

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