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Presidente Juan Bosch

  • General information

    Official language: Spanish
    Time zone: UTC -4
    Currency: Dominican peso (DOP)

  • Where to eat?

    Good, home-made food you can get in Mr Pollo at Avenida Colon. You can order dish from a menu or compose the one by your own, tasting a bit of each local titbit.

  • How cacao is made?

    Nagua and nearby villages live off tourism and agriculture. In this part of the island you can look closely at how cacao seeds are produced, where coconuts come from or rice.

  • Climate

    In this part of the island temperature barely changes during a year – it is in range between 28 and 31 Celsius degrees. It is no different with rain. The driest months are February and March, and it is rainy mostly from September to December.

What’s worth seeing in El Catey?

On a Dominican island Samana el Catey land tourists that want to rest in this part of the island in towns located alongside the shore. The closest big city and the capital of the province María Trinidad Sánchez since 1938 is Nagua. That city was originally named Julia Molina in the honour of Rafael Trujilo’s mother, a dictator that had ruled the country until 1961. After his demise it embraced the name Nagua. Nowadays it is called also Boca de Nagua.

It is a dream place for lovers of eco-tourism. The region is not yet densely studded with touristic resorts, and locals are into agriculture. Especially interested places, considered there are as nature monuments, are 
Cabo Francés Viejo, Laguna Dudú and Diamond Beach. 

Fans of scuba diving will be especially fascinated by Laguna Dudu. This is the only place in the world, where you can swim, by diving, from one natural lake to another. Worth attention is also the region – the shore is overgrown by thick forest full of caves. In one of them, the cave Taino, you will see a wall of the altitude of around 30 metres, fully covered with paintings from the pre-Colombian era.

As the most beautiful beach is considered Diamante Beach. While admiring surrounding abundant vegetation, under your feet you will feel gentle, tiny sand. The water is turquoise, warm and shallow. Thanks to this, it is very popular among families with kids. That beach offers also a vast choice of attractions for water sports’ lovers. In rentals are available canoes, boats and diving equipment.

40 kilometres north from Nagua there is situated a national park Cabo Francés Viejo. It was named a nature monument in 2009. Its characteristic trait is extraordinary, turquoise colour of the ocean. It is also a perfect spot for climbing cliffs. Going alongside the seaside, you will notice three lighthouses, standing out with their age. The oldest of them has 150 years!

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