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Batman Airport

  • General information

    Official language: Turkish
    Time zone: UTC +3
    Currency: Turkish lira (TRY)

  • Oil fields

    Near the city, only around a few kilometres from it, there is the biggest oil field in the country – Bati Raman. It is also the most efficient one, it produces around 7500 barrels of oil per day.

  • A hot city

    In summer, it is one of the hottest cities in Turkey with temperature reaching more than 31 Celsius degrees. The highest temperature was recorded there in July of 1992 – it was almost 49 Celsius degrees!

  • Real argument or smart advertising?

    In 2008 the mayor of the city, Huseyin Kalkan, announced a suit against Warner Bros for reportedly unlawfully using the city’s name. It is worth to know though that character was created earlier than the city. 

What’s interesting to see in Batman?

Batman is a Turkish city located in a province of the same name, in the southern-eastern Anatolia. It is situated at the confluence of the river Batman with Tigre. In the 50’s there is used to be a small city there, whose population was less than three thousand people. In the area there are huge oil fields, that is why together with the beginning of intensive works connected to excavation of oil, the city blossomed with a magnificent pace. Today, it is a big metropolis inhabited by nearly 350 thousands people.

The region of southern-eastern Turkey is beautiful – local nature has everything that you ever dreamed of. Peaking mountains, waterfalls and many field flowers are providing some lovely views. Caves and ruins, that you will find there are one of the oldest in the world. On a river by the city there is a charming arch bridge Malabadi Köprüsü, built in the middle of the 12th century. Batman itself is a typical city of its region, so it is perfect option for you, if you want to feel its vibe.

You probably wonder where the city’s name is coming from, as nowadays it is associated quite clearly with a character from comics. But it has nothing to do, as you may guess, with a Gotham City hero, which doesn’t change the fact that many his fans are coming to the city thanks to this coincidence of names. The city’s name is coming from the name of the river that flows by. Where is the name of the river coming from then? There are at least two sources of this word. First one is claiming that name refers to old Turkish measure. Second one, seeming more likely, is associating it with the mountains Bati Raman that are around there, and the name of the river was supposed to be a shortcut of their appellation. 

If you fancy some traditional Turkish cuisine, you won’t be disappointed. Among many restaurants and eateries, choose for instance Comce Lokantasi przy Diyarbakir Cad. 32 or Xalo Hayran Ciger Salonu at Yeni Mahalle 1008 sk.15.

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