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Baghdad Intl Airport

  • General information

    Official language: Arabic, Kurdish
    Time zone: UTC +3
    Currency: Iraqi dinar (IQD)

  • Names you should be aware of

    While in Baghdad try baytinijan maqli – deliciously fried eggplants, tabbouleh – bulgur grits with a lot of parsley and lemon, and fattoush, a salad with roasted pita chunks.

  • A monument with eternal fire

    In Baghdad, there is a monument to the Memor of the al-Shaheed Martyrs, who died in the Iran-Iraq battle in the seventh century. It is 40 metres high and there are two halves with eternal fire between them.

  • Double New Year

    Iraqi celebrate the New Year twice! The first time on the date known to us, a night of December 31. The second time is Muharram, which is at the beginning of the first month according to the Muslin calendar.

What to see in Baghdad?

Baghdad is the capital city of Iraq, and with more than seven million inhabitants is one of the biggest and most populous cities in the entire Middle East. It still does not attract many tourists, although it has plenty to offer. So what is worth doing and seeing in the city built in a place where Mesopotamia, the cradle of our civilization, was created thousands of years ago?

As mentioned before, this region has a very rich tradition. When being in such a place, it is worth going to the museum, to get to know its history better. We strongly recommend the National Museum In Baghdad, also known as the Archaeological Museum. You will find there exhibits from the Mesopotamian period, as well as numerous collections from the Sumerian or Assyrian culture. The building itself is breath-taking and you will find it on Nasir Street.

One of the prettiest buildings here is the Al Fidos Mosque, with a blue façade. Its roof, or dome, covered entirely with beautiful paintings looks magical. You will find it on Al-A’amiriya. Another worth-seeing temple is the one named after Imam Musa al-Kazim, located in the Kadhikiya district, near the city park of Abdali.

You may like Baghdad or not, but there is one sure thing – you cannot ignore or forget the local cuisine. Strolling through the street, the wonderful scents coming from almost every street corner will tempt you and make you feel hungry. Iraqis love aromatic spices, and the mix they use most often is called baharat. Its ingredients include pepper, coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, and cloves. Meat species include mutton, poultry, and beef being accompanied by bulgur and rice.

And where should you get to eat something? You can surely expect delicious food at Saj Alreef Baghdad on the sixty-two street, at Samad Restaurant on Rawad Street, at the Aroma restaurant near Babylon Hotel and at Beston at Rammadan 14. 

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