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  • General information

    Official language: Arabic, Kurdish
    Time zone: UTC +3
    Currency: Iraqi dinar (IQD)

  • Football club from the south

    Al-Mina'a is an Iraqi football club based in Basra and also the first club from outside of Baghdad who won the Iraqi Premier League. 

  • The capital of sport

    In the city, there is located Basra Sports City – a sports complex, which includes the International Stadium opened in 2013, which can accommodate 65 thousand viewers. 

  • Bashar ibn Burd

    He is a blind poet from Basra, born in 714, considered one of the pioneers of Arabic poetry. In his work, he touched topics close to a simple man, for which he was criticized by contemporary writers.

What's worth seeing in Basra?

Basra is a port city in the southern part of Iraq and at the same time the capital of the Basra region, which is one of the fastest growing tourist and business centers of the country. The Shatt Al-Aarab River flows through the town. Strolling along its shore you can watch the bustling marinas.

In the central part of the city there is the island of Sinbad. According to literature, in Basra, Sindbad the Sailor began his adventure – one of the heroes of "The Book of Thousand and One Nights". An important landmark of the village is the Maqam mosque, which is about 300 years old. There are also several historic Christian churches, a monument to the poet Badr Shakir Syaba, the Basrah Museum and also the Animals Shatt al-Arab Garden, located right next to the river. In addition, there are several modern shopping centres in the city, including the most popular – Basra Times Square. Also those who love to spend time on traditional Arab bazaars will not be disappointed. Particularly noteworthy are the Indian Market (Amogaiz) and Hanna-Sheikh Bazaar.

What's more, in Basra you will find several city parks and playgrounds, such as Al-Khorah Park or Al-Andalus Park Family, where you can relax in the open air. The palm trees growing here and there will shield us from the heat pouring out of the sky. An interesting idea for a family afternoon is a visit to the Coast City Games theme park, located just above the river. In the evening, take a stroll down the Corniche al-Basra street or relax on the beach at the Hassan River Coast.

The cuisine of the Basra region is primarily traditional Arabic dishes, characteristic of the countries of the Persian Gulf. We find there dishes prepared from mutton, fish, and seafood. A popular ingredient of many local delicacies are aubergines and dactyls. The spices are mint, garlic, saffron, and thyme. Delicious specialties of the local cuisine are served, among others, in restaurants Palace Nobles and Hamdan. For a family dinner, we can go to the cozy Al Azaim restaurant. For coffee, it is worth going to Coffe Shop Tsar, and aromatic dishes with fresh seafood we will get, among others, at Garden City Restaurant.

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