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  • General information

    Official language: Turkish
    Time zone: UTC +3
    Currency: Turkish lira (TRY)

  • The symbol of the city

    The symbol of Denizli is a rooster, exactly a kind of the same name. It has even its monument, at Çınar square, which is the biggest sculpture made of glass in Turkey!

  • The deceitful city’s name?

    Denizli, in Turkish means the city by the sea, whereas it is separated from the shore with about 150 kilometres. The name may refer to rich network of underground springs or nearby land of lakes.

  • The cotton castle

    Pamukkale, situated in the distance of around 50 kilometres form Denizli, in Turkish means the cotton castle. No wonder, as limey terraces looks a lot like cotton in full bloom.

What’s worth seeing in Denizli?

Denizli – a  big town in the southern-west part of Turkey, in Aegean region. If you are a fan of monuments or like admiring the beauty of nature, surely you will find there something for yourself. The city is eagerly visited by tourists thanks to closeness of nature monument Pamukkale and ruins of ancient towns – Hierapolis and Laodicea. In the neighbourhood you will see also extraordinary lakes and fantastic olives and pine nuts groves.

Denizli is the main centre of Turkish textile industry, it is worth to use its benefaction. Planning shopping, pay attention to products made of cotton, that grows there. If you are hungry and feel like eating kebab – go to the bus station. The meal served there is considered to be one of the best in Turkey, and additionally it comes for really cheap price.

Staying in Denizli, it is worth to visit aforementioned ruins of town. Laodicea (in Turkish Laodikya) is in distance of seven kilometres form the city’s centre. It used to be a very important spot on a trading route, nowadays it is attracting attention with beautiful ruins, reminding of its past glory. All the time there are archaeological works conducted there, so it worth to come more than once, to admire new, made available for tourists, areas. Today you will see there, among others, remaining of a theatre, stadium or urban baths.

Hungry? In the surroundings, you will find at least few places worth visiting, but we will focus on those offering great dishes of Turkish cuisine. For delicious shish kebab, go to Kebapci Enver at Bayram Yeri Mah, Eski Saraykoy 24 or to Kebapci Halil at Eski Saraykoy 357. Surely you will leave satisfied a spot called Garson Sukru at Antalya Yolu. For the best dessert in town step by Haci Serif at Ticari Yol. What is especially worth tasting there? Definitely halvah made of semolina, a special kind of thick grained flour, which is served with delicious ice-creams!

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