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  • General information

    Official language: Portuguese
    Time zone: UTC-3 (summer), UTC-2 (winter)
    Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

  • Coffee paradise

    Region, in which Ipatinga is located, is known for exquisite coffee. If you are a fan of this drink, make sure to take advantage of that fact and take home some coffee beans!

  • Delicious food

    Locals are famous for their cooking skills. Staying there, be prepared for a real, south American feast. Main ingredients are pork, bean, rice or bananas.

  • An unique state

    Minas Gerais is an unique state. On its area there are the most spots enlisted on UNESCO World heritage list, and it is also considered to be one of the calmest cities.

What’s worth seeing in Ipatinga?

Ipatinga is a city located in eastern part of state Minas Gerais, in southern-eastern part of Brazil. It is a big city, with population around 250 thousand people. Elements of tradition and old culture, such as various crafts, are still visible in Ipatinga.

The city is tempting with many possibilities of spending free time on open air. Go to park – Parque Ipanema located by Avenida Roberto Burle Marx. There is pond in it, charming bridges and lighthouses, that gives pleasant vibe.

Another place is aquapark on open air – Faisao Resort Acqua Park. There are fountains, slides of various levels of difficulty and pools of different sizes. On its area you can also find stalls with food, so you can grab something to eat and drink cold drinks when you feel like.

In the city there is also located a Ipatinga Science Park. You will find it by Avenida Burle Max. It is open every day from eight am to six pm, apart from Sundays, where it is closed the entire day.

Another spot will bring you closer to nature. It is Clube Parque das Cachoeiras, situated by Rua Itajuba 220. A picturesque waterfall flows there, there are alleys, through which you can walk surrounded by breath taking, exotic nature.

Feeling hungry? In Ipatinga you will find many eateries and restaurants. Among them recommended by tourists and locals, we can name for instance Buoni Amici by Avenida Castelo Branco 240, where you can eat great pasta, for example with seafood. For a dinner in local style, go to  Dona Conceicao by Avenida Pedro Linhares Gomes 3000. Another very good restaurant, in which you can try, among others, fishes, is Pecado da Carne in Vale Do Aco shopping mall. If you don’t imagine dish without genuine, grilled meat, your visit in Ipatanga can’t be completed without eating at Horto Grill at  Avenida Castelo Branco 65.

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