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  • General information

    Official language: Portuguese
    Time zone: UTC -3
    Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

  • Local exotic

    Very popular there is fruit pequi, whose name comes from word pyqui (bark and thorns). Why? When the seed of frits gets broken, it sets free thousands of sharp thorns.

  • Lovely facade

    Palácio Araguaia, which is premises of governor bodies of the state, is situated on Praça dos Girassóis. The building is decorated with friezes from tiles, that tell the story of the region of Tocantins. Take a camera!

  • Size that makes impression

    Praça dos Girassóis, which is the Square of Sunflowers, is the second biggest square in the world. It has 571 square meters!

What’s worth seeing in Palmas?

Palmas is the capital and the biggest city of the state Tocantins in the central part of Brazil. It is situated between hills Serra do Lajeado and the river Tocantins. Interesting, modern, urban architecture, marvelous landscapes, waterfalls and wild nature, as well as splendid food, attracts there tourists not only from the country but from all over the world.

In 1988 pursuant to the new constitution a new state was created in Brazil – Tocantins, in which in 1990 its capital Palmas was established. Even though the city has been existing since barely 30 years, today the city and the municipality of Palmas can boast of the highest level of quality of life among all capital of Brazilian states. Palmas was designed by architects, thanks to which it has a symmetrical park in the centre and well-planned network of roads. In 2002 construction of tank for hydropower plant Lajeado was finalized and the town gained a lot of river beaches. Above the tank, a huge bridge with three dykes was built, called Ponte da Amizade e da Integração or Fernando Henrique Cardoso, that connects Palmas with the main highway BR-153. Its total length exceeds eight kilometers.

In that modern city, it is worth to visit the museum of Tocantins in Palacinho and Palácio Araguaia to get to know the history of the region. You can also get by boat to an island located opposite the beach Graciosa. Urban beaches: Praia Graciosa, Praia da Prata or Praia das Arnos are the perfect ideas for pending a lazy afternoon with family or friends. Palmas is also perfect starting point: if you want to see landscapes of savanna, beautiful waterfall ad wild animals, go to the southern East to oozing with views valley Taquaruçu or go north for trekking on Lajeado hills.

What’s worth eating there? The cuisine of the region is very diversified. Make sure to try arroz com pequi – a dish of unusual taste and smell, prepared from local fruit with rice, onion, garlic, and parsley. It is most often served with chicken or beef stew. A titbit is also melting in mouth sponge-cake from manioc flour, called amor-perfeito. Where to eat? We recommend restaurants with local food, like Churrascaria Portal Do Sul or Dom Vergilio.

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