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  • General information

    Official language: Spanish
    Time zone: UTC -3
    Currency: Argentine peso (ARS)

  • The bay at the end of the world

    The name of the city underline its location at the end of the world, from which only a tiny bit is separating you from Antarctica. In the language of Indians Yaman, Ushuaia means exactly the bay at the edge of the world.

  • A railway station at the edge of the world

    Fin del Mundo is a train line, that used to serve for carrying goods, but today is a touristic attraction. It is worth to go for a trip, especially to see a reconstructed Indian camp.

  • National Park of Terra del Fuego

    To those dreaming of mountain views, we recommend a trip to the National Park of Terra del Fuego. It is situated around ten kilometres from the city, and you can reach it by buses, that run every hour.

What’s worth seeing in Ushuaia?

Ushuaia – the furthest situated to the South city, not only in Argentina to which it belongs or South America, but in the entire world! It is located on the Tierra del Fuego, an island separated from the continent with the Strait of Magellan, whose territory is divided between Argentina and Chile.
Do you want to get to know “the end of the world”? This is a perfect place to do so. And it presents itself truly magically – peeks of mountains are towering over the blue water. The city is surrounded by mountains from one side and by the channel Beagle from the other. It is best to visit it in January, when it is the warmest, though temperatures still are not quite high – they are at around ten Celsius degrees.

The city is using very well the potential of its location. Back in the time, main sources of income were fish and wood industries, nowadays locals mostly earn on tourism, mainly due to the fact that in the neighbourhood there is an international airport, that makes accessing it quite easy. For many people Ushuaia is a starting point for a trip to Antarctica, as almost 90% of excursions set from here.

But not only people who treat Ushuaia as a base for trips come here, but also those who wants to get to know this fantastic area. We also recommend this to you, as it will give you possibility to spend free time on many ways. It is a perfect place for water sports’ lovers – especially sailing and canoeing. Not only them will find here something for themselves. Enthusiast of skiing or snowboarding can choose between great options – the mountain Cerro Castor and the glacier Martial.

If you wonder whether on the end of the world you will find a place, where you can eat tasty, we are here to calm you down – in Ushuaia there are planet of such spots! It is especially worth to go to restaurants specializing in dishes made of seafood. Among them we can name Kalma Resto at Gobernador M. F. Valdez 293, Chez Manu at Calle Luis Fernando Martial 2135 or Paso Garibaldi at Gobernador Deloqui 133.

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