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Dionysios Solomo

  • General information

    Official language: Greek
    Time zone: UTC+3 (summer), UTC+2 (winter)
    Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Where to go for a party?

    Party life of the island is taking place mainly in a city Laganas, on the southern-east shore of the island. The most popular are clubs on the open-air.

  • Beach without tourists

    Of course, on Zakynthos there aren’t beaches where no one shows up. It is possible though to find such, where beachgoers are far fewer. We recommend Ambolua on the northern shore, close to a town Nemerilos.

  • Galazia Spilia

    On the eastern shore of an peninsula Skinari there are situated Blue Coves made by erosion. The name refers to colour, with whose interiors of coves are filled thanks to turquoise hue of the sea.

What’s worth seeing in Zakynthos?

A small Greek island surprises with its diversified vegetation. In the west dominating are cliffs and mountain terrain, whereas east is full of beautiful, sandy beaches. The central part of the island is used for wineries, whereas in the south you can meet turtles.

The city Zakynthos was hugely destroyed during an earthquake from 1953. With time, there has been attempts to rebuilt foregone architecture. In the city’s centre you will see many beautiful buildings, but it gets interesting on a peak of a hill covered with forest. From there you can admire a marvellous panorama of Zakynthos and the whole island. It is not the only reward for an uphill  walk. On a hill there is situated an old, Venetian fortress, erected in spot of an ancient citadel.

The most beautiful beach on the island, Navagio, the bay of Shipwreck, is also called the bay of smugglers. Legend goes that situated there shipwrecks belonged to smugglers. There is no way to get there on foot from the island, as beaches are surrounded by huge rocks. The only way is via the sea.

You can’t deny charm the beach Gerakas in the south, where entrance is ticketed, and tourists can’t spend there more than three hours. By night the entrance is forbidden. It is all due to concern for sea turtles caretta. Their calmness is guarded all the time by volunteers.

If you are looking for traditional, Zakynthos village, go to a peninsula Keri in the south, where you will find preserved houses, a lighthouse and an old port, that weren’t destroyed during an earthquake in 1953. If you are not afraid of heights, we recommend climbing to a lighthouse, from where there is a lovely view. Visit one of nearby olive’s groves, to buy exquisite, local olives oil straight from farmers. Similar architecture you can find in the second village, that has survived to this day – it’s Volimes, located on the northern edge of the island.

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