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  • General information

    Official language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara
    Time zone: UTC -5
    Currency: Sol (PEN)

  • Shopping in Huaraz

    Souvenirs, leather bags, jewellery and traditional, Peruvian fabrics on the market Artesania at Plaza de Armas. For food go to areas of street Av. Luzuriaga.

  • When for trekking?

    The best time for trips on foot is period from the end of June to the beginning of August, when temperature is not quite high and it is not rainy.

  • An unusual flower

    Only in the National Park Huascarán you can see specie of very rare plant Puja Raimondiego. It blossoms once in 50-75 years, making a flower high for 8 metres.

What’s worth seeing in Huaraz?

Huaraz is a tiny town situated in the region of Ancash in Peru. From both sides it is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges of Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Negra. The place is known as the line of start for trekking, among others, on the area of the National Park Huascaran.

Huaraz is located on the altitude of above 3000 metres above the sea level, in the so-called avenue Hualyas (Callejón de Huaylas), which is a valley, where flows the river Santa. Picturesque views with mountain peaks on the first plan, possibility to do winter sports and virgin nature of the National Park Huarascan make this region popular among tourists, that visit it from all around the world each year to set off for trekking, for instance on a famous, few-days long route Santa Cruz. You can get from there in search for pre-Incas ruins to Chavín de Huantar or Wilcahuaín. In the first spot there are preserved in good condition residential and sacral buildings of a tribe Chavín, and in the second – people of Wari. It is also worth to go to Museo Regional de Ancash, where there is the biggest collection of ancient stone sculptures in South America.

In the city you can hide from heat on green squares, for instance in centre Plaza de Armas or Plaza de Belen, as well as in parks, for e.g. Iglesia San Francisco. Near the city there are also hot springs, for instance Monterrey (around 10 km to the North from the centre) or Chancos (27 km to the North from the centre). People who like active leisure, for sure wont regret a trip to lakes located among mountains: Laguna Churup, Laguna de Aguak or Laguna 69. To get to them, you need to prepare for a whole day trekking – it is really worth as views are breath taking.

Cuisine of the region Huaraz is based on traditional, typical for mountain part of Peru dishes. Among them is known in the whole world dish Picante de Cuy, which is a baked guinea pig in sauce from red spices. In bars and on stall, for instance on the market, you can buy chicken soup, called Llunca de gallina, as well as Charqui de Chancho, which are salted and dried pieces of meat. Very tasty, but requiring long preparation, is Pachamanca, which is baked under stones meat with corn and potatoes. Where to eat? We recommend, for instance, cheap eateries like 13 Buhos, Junagan She oraz Taita.

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