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  • General information

    Official language: Turkish
    Time zone: UTC +3
    Currency: Turkish lira (TRY)

  • By the water

    Çaka Plajı is one of the most beautiful beaches of the shore of the Black Sea. White sand, great infrastructure, and numerous restaurants make it a perfect spot to spend the whole day.

  • In traditional rhythm

    In the seaside town located at the Black Sea, you can meet local musicians, who play traditional songs on instrument looking a bit like the violin, which is kemençe.

  • Hazelnut paradise

    In Ordu in the workshop of Sağra you can but many types of hazelnuts covered in chocolate, and in September take part in dedicated to them festival.

What’s worth seeing in Ordu?

Turkish Ordu is one of the most interesting and green cities on the Turkish coast of Black Sea. Tourists are attracted by the beauty of the seaside, richness of local fruits and vegetables and cuisine based mainly on fresh fishes.

A town, originally called Kotyora, was founded in the 8th century B.C. by Miletians as the line of settlements alongside the Black Sea shore. For centuries it was under the reign of Romans, Byzantine Empire, Seljuk Turks and then Ottoman Empire. In the 19th century, a military base Eskipazar was founded there, that with time has transformed into a modern town Ordu. Nowadays it is an important port, as well as touristic and agriculture center. What attractions does it offer to visitors?

A highly interesting place is the cultural center Taşbaşı, that was created inside an old Greek church from 1853. It is also worth to get lost in narrow streets of the old town and admire traditional houses and mosques (for instance Yalı Camii i Efirli). Must see are also the seaside boulevard and a building Paşaoğlu Konağı from the 19th century, richly decorated, situated a few hundred meters from the Republican Square, today serving as the premises of the ethnographic museum. Very popular is also gondola cable line teleferik Boztepe, which can take you up to a reigning above the city hill.

What’s worth eating there? In lokantas, local bars, dominant are dishes based on local vegetables and anchovies caught in the Black Sea, called hamsi. It is worth to order, for instance,  hamsi kayganası (omelette with anchovy), hamsili ekmek (bread with canned anchovy) or hamsili pilav (rice or grits with vegetable and fish). Other regional dishes are, for e.g. mısır ekmek (cornbread) and pide (a wheat pie in shape of a boat with egg and butter). For dessert the best will be laz böreği, a few dozen of layers of filo pie with sweet syrup or honey and hazelnuts (fındık), whose Ordu is the biggest worldwide exporter. Where to eat? We recommend Derin Balik, Aktaslar Pide and Vonali Celal.

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