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  • General information

    Official language: Turkish
    Time zone: UTC +3
    Currency: Turkish lira (TRY)

  • For holidays

    Adana is the warmest city in Turkey with insolation exceeding 300 days per year. If you like to avoid heat, visit Adana in the period from beginning of May to the middle of June.

  • Be like Bond

    60 kilometres in north-west direction form the centre of Adana, there is an old, stoned railway viaduct Varda Köprüsü. This spectacular construction might interest fans of James Bond, as it starred in „Skyfall”.

  • To the seaside

    If you plan a day of sunbathing, go to towns by the seaside, which are one-hour drive from Adana: Karataş or Yumurtalik or visit the unique, artificial, transparent lake Seyhan Dam in the northern part of the city.

What’s interesting in Adana?

Having more than 1,6 million citizens Adana is one of the biggest city of Turkey and the oldest town constantly populated in the world. Though nowadays it seems like a modern city, tourists are attracted by its ancient roots and history.

The main attraction of the city is mosque Sabanci Merkez Camii, which intimidates with its size and splendour. This modern, as it was opened in 2008, building has a capacity of 20 thousand people. This place is worth visiting both during days, to admire the craft of embellishments, and nights, when its six minarets are beautifully floodlit. The mosque is surrounded by neat, 33 hectares green area called the Central Park, in Turkish: Merkez Park. It is the favourite place of citizens of Adana looking for cooling during heats.

The must-see building in the centre is also a stone bridge Taşköprü by the river Seyhan. It dates back to the ancient Roman times. Until 2007 cars were allowed there, now vehicles are prohibited. In the old part of Adana cosy streets are dominating with many mosques located by them. The ones to mention among them are Ulu Camii, a great mosque with 32-metres high clock tower, the highest in Turkey and Ağca Camii – the oldest sanctuary of Adana. This neighbourhood is also famous for trade, so you will find there numerous markets, shops and street stalls.

Adana can boast the best recipe for kebab in Turkey.  Adana Kebab, or Adana Kebabı ,  Kıyma Kebab, is chopped, grilled, spicy lamb meat served with grilled vegetables on pida, which is a sort of pie, similar to pizza, in a shape of boat. Where you can eat truly tasty food? For sure in bar Kazım Büfe at Cemalpaşa Mahallesi St., in Birbiçer Kebap Salonu at Hanedan Mahallesi St. and in Kebapçı Şeyhmus at Tepebağ Mahallesi St. If you like to experiment, ask for şalgam, a drink made of fermented black carrots. When you fancy desert, order halvah, as the Turkish one is considered the best in the world.

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