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  • General information

    Official language: Portuguese
    Time zone: UTC-3 (summer), UTC-2 (winter)
    Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

  • Lamb instead of lawnmower

    In the second half of the 20th century, for the first time in South America, lambs were used to cut grass instead of lawnmowers. Animals were feeding themselves, taking care of lawns at the same time.

  • Bike for Sunday

    If you plan to rent a bike and make a trip around the region, do it on Sunday. On that day, the furthest lanes of roads, the ones closest to pavement, are dedicated only for cyclists.

  • Tapestry in Orthodox church

    You will see a bit of Ukraine in the Praque Tingui by visiting an orthodox church, admiring folk tapestry and getting to know the history of Ukrainian immigrants, that moved to Curitiba looking for better life.

What’s interesting to see in Curitiba?

The green city, where European nations have met. Italians live there near Germans, Poles with Ukrainian. A little Europe in Brazil.

Curitiba is located in the south of Brazil. It was founded in the middle of the 17th century, but its main growth happened on the verge of the 20th century, when many settlers had arrived from Italy, Germany and Poland. The Brazilian Government was giving for free land for cultivation to farmers. Curitiba is called the most European city in the whole South America.

It is one of the most green and cleanest city in Brazil. In the John Paul II Park there is space with rebuilt huts of the first immigrants from Poland. Some of them have original elements of house equipment, like furniture, tools, paintings. Close to the park you can try the best pierogi (polish dumplings) in Curitiba. Step by Tadeu Rei do Pierogi. There are cooked by an immigrant from Poland, who – thanks to his extraordinary cooking skills – has become a sort of local celebrity.

In Parque das Pedreiras there is the Opera Arame – the opera house made of wire.  The construction is sunken in a quarry with abundant plants on it. The opera is surrounded by pond with colourful fishes and a waterfall hisses near.

In the old part of the city, at Rua Jose Bonifacio, there is fair on every Sunday. You can find there almost everything – souvenirs from Curitiba, hand-made stuff from local artists, honey and other titbits. Most of times, at the same time there is a meeting of old cars taking place.

Are you into cars? Then be sure to pay a visit to Memorial da Seguranca no Transport. You will learn there about everything connected to safety on roads. How streets are planned and how brakes are constructed. You can also take part in simulation of an accident and try driving a bus.

If you travel with kids, take them to Bosque Alemano, a vast park alluding to German traditions. While kids can listen to fairy tales in a library located there, parents can catch a breathe by delicious cakes. The park is also full of trees, forest paths, on which kids love to run.

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