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  • General information

    Official language: Portuguese
    Time zone: UTC-4 (summer), UTC-3 (winter)
    Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

  • Local drink

    One of the most popular drink in Dourados, as well as in the whole region, is Tereré. It is kind of yerba mate, poured with cold water, often with ice – very tasty and very healthy!

  • Red soil

    In the neighbourhood of Dorados most soils have red colour, due to high level of iron. These are different types of soli, forming together one extraordinary view, called by locals purple fields.

  • The birthplace of Lucas

    In Dourados was born a sportsman, who doesn’t need to be introduced to fans of football – Lucas Pezzini Leiva. He is the youngest to receive the title of the best player of the Brazilian league.

What’s worth seeing in Dourados?

Dourados – a Brazilian city, situated in Mato Grosso do Sul state, in the western part of the country. What is interesting, the state itself is as big as Germany, whereas the city has more than 200 thousand citizens. Around 100 kilometres from Dourados there is border with Paraguay, you can feel then influences of both countries in the city’s vibe.

Dourados is second biggest city in the state, as well as first when it comes to population in its central part. It is worth to take a walk in the suburbs. There are beautiful roads, made of soli, which is very unique in that spot due to red colour. They make for perfect contrast with greenery of fields, they cross over.

In the city itself, you can go to fish market, taking place in April, or to championship of riding on motocross motorbikes. For youngest, though surely not only for them, interesting may be pieces showed as part of children’s theatre in March. To Dourados it is also recommended to go in period, when religious and state holidays are celebrated. The most important date for Mato Grosso do Sul is 11 October, when the anniversary of its foundation is celebrated. It is worth to mention, that party last there not only in times of bigger events – especially students have fun almost nonstop, without paying attention if the clock shows midday or midnight.

If you get hungry and feel like eating outside, you won’t complain for lack of choice. Very popular place is Barao Botequim at Rua General Osorio 2415, going there you can count for delicious Brazilian dishes, as well as great colourful drinks. For regional dishes go to Kikao, located at Rua Doutor Nelson de Araujo 602.  Fans of Japanese dishes, we can recommend a restaurant Utida przy Rua Major Capile 2598  with reportedly the best sushi in the city!

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