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  • General information

    Official language: French
    Time zone: UTC+2 (summer), UTC+1 (winter)
    Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • The airport city

    Blagnac, despite its small size, is very important city for aircraft business. A huge airport is located there, as well as headquarters of the company Airbus.

  • Aeroscopia

    In Blagnac, at 1 Allée André Turcat, there is operating the aeronautic museum. You can see there not only examples of planes that used to fly in the past, but will also get to know many facts about aircraft nowadays.

  • Discover new tastes

    In Blagnac there is quite a treat for wine lovers – TiboVino. It organizes classes, during which you can meet new types of wine, and learn how to distinguish them.

What’s worth seeing in Blagnac?

Blagnac is a town, located in the department Haute-Garonne, in region Occitan, in the south of France. It is situated a few kilometres from Toulouse and around 150 kilometres form the border with Spain.

Many tourists limit their presence in the city to landing on a nearby airport. The airport Toulouse-Blagnac, which we refer to, is very popular – each year it serves more than 5 million passengers, out of which majority is leaving straight away – usually to a nearby capital of the region – Toulouse. Before you do it as well, book at least one day to visit Blagnac. It is a charming, French town definitely worth visiting.

Go for a walk to feel the vibe and calmness, so characteristic for this part of France. Buildings are rather low, lawns neat, and around there is plenty of greenery. If you want to rest in a park, choose for instance Park Odyssud at Avenue du Parc. There is a lake with a small island in the middle, as well as plants, in whose growth people are interfering only to a small degree, thanks to which you can feel even closer to nature. By the park there is a town hall and a community centre.

If you are fan of bike trips or longer walks, make sure to visit the outskirts of the city – Base de sports et loisirs des Quinze sols. It is a huge green area, with well-developed paths, by which benches are situated, it has also a playground and a pond. In the area a river flows, sharing a name with the department, in which it is located – Garonna.

Hungry? You will find there at least a few restaurants worth visiting. French are proud of their cuisine, that is why you won’t have troubles with finding place, where you can try it. Among such spots we can name Mon Bistrot at 4 rue Dieudonne Costes, Au Pois Gourmand at 3 rue Emile Heybrard or La Cantine des Marronniers at Place des Marronniers.

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