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Juazeiro do Norte

  • General information

    Official language: Portuguese
    Time zone: UTC -3
    Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

  • To the hill

    To make it to the hill Horto, located in a distance of around 7 kilometres from the city’s centre, you can use public transportation. From a stop Praça Padre Cicero bus leaves ever hour.

  • Religious streets

    Each year, in last days of October, in the city takes place a religious feast called Romaria. To Juazeiro do Norte arrive at that time around 500 000 people from the whole country.

  • Due to drought

    In 2013 a Christian music band Diante Do Trono played in Juazeiro do Norte a gig, that was attended by 50 000 people from all over Brazil. The gig was with intention to bring more rain to this dry land.

What’s worth seeing in Juazeiro do Norte?

Juazeiro de Norte is a city located in the state Ceará, in the northern-eastern part of Brazil. It is mostly associated with Padre Cícero, a charismatic priest and politician that was active on the verge of the 19th and 20th century, whom it owes in huge part its development and independence.
Juazeiro do Norte was originally a district of the city Crato and was composed of just a few brick houses. In 1871 a young priest Cícero Romão Batista arrived to the city on a donkey, who started to seek approval to establish a parish there and conduct regular pastoral service. The farm has gained its importance during years. In 1909 “O Rebate” newspaper was established, and locals launched general strike. In 1911 the independence of the new city was acknowledged. The first mayor was Padre Cícero. Since 1889 during messes a few time blood appeared on the Host, and thanks to that for many years now on the verge of October and November, the place has been a destination of pilgrimages from the whole Brazil.

The mandatory point of sightseeing Juazeiro do Norte is a hill Horto with 27-metres high statue of Padre Cícero. It is worth also to visit a few museums dedicated to the priest. From the city’s tumult you can rest in the park Arajara with well-developed infrastructure of pools and restaurants. Among urban sacral buildings we can distinguish two beautiful basilicas: St. Frances (Basilica de São Fransico) and Our Lady of Sorrows (Matriz de Nossa Senhora das Dores). To lovers of handmade craft and regional products we recommend visit to the Centre of Popular Culture Mestre Noza (Centro de Cultura Popular Mestre Noza), where they can observe work of artisans and sculptors. 

What to eat in Juazeiro do Norte? Restaurants in the city offer dishes of various cuisines: both regional, and Italian and Arabic ones. To fans of Italian cuisine we recommend Pasto&Pizzas. If someone fancy typical Brazilian food, such as juicy beef and delicious steaks, he should definitely visit Mão de Vaca. In Sirigado do Pedro, for a bit higher prices, you can try, e.g. exquisitely prepared fish called sirigado, that stands out with delicate taste and very juicy meat.

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