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  • General information

    Official language: Malaysian
    Time zone: UTC +8
    Currency: Malaysian ringgit (MYR)

  • Fun time

    If you plan your vacation in La Paz for the next year, consider going there in spring. On 26-27 May, the annual Fiesta del Gran Poder (the Festival of Great Power) will take place.

  • Folk wrestling

    Every Sunday at 3 p.m., the Multifuncional Ceja de El Alto (located in El Alto) organize the famous female fights. No worries – most of the hits are only simulated.

  • Visiting a witch

    Don’t you know what fear is? Go to Linares street and visit Mercado de las Brujas, the witches’ market. You can buy strange herbal mixtures and amulets which – according to Bolivians – bring good luck.

Things to see in La Paz

In La Paz, home to almost three million inhabitants, it’s easy to experience vertigo – and not only because it’s located at extremely high altitudes. What else will make you fall in love with this place?

If you want to experience the real life of this crowded metropolis, head to the Plaza Murillo – the picturesque square in the center. It will be full of not only residents of the capital, but also Campesinos sitting on the stairs. They are tenant farmers waiting for job offers. Besides, you can meet Cholitas dressed in traditional costumes, such as wide, colorful skirts and derbies. You should go to the Museo de Etnografia (the Ethnographic Museum), where you can see a fascinating exhibition devoted to Bolivian and Andalusian folk costumes with colorful fabrics even from 3,000 years ago.

As the city is situated on the slopes, you should definitely use one of the mountain railway lines, Mi Teleferico. Traveling in gondolas to Al Alto – the village at the altitude of 4100 m.a.s.l. – you will see the most beautiful panorama of La Paz. If you want to impress someone who’s important to you, go there in the evening to observe the sunset and the way the city slowly wakes up to the nightlife.

When you get hungry, look for the traditional Bolivian dishes in the menu. Sopa de mani, the soup made from unsalted peanuts cooked with beef ribs, is one of the meals worth trying. Other popular dishes are silpancho, prepared from rice, potatoes, chicken, vegetables, and a fried egg, but also plato paceńo – a corncob, peas in a shell, jacked potatoes, meat, and baked cheese. The best places to visit are Gustu and El Vagon del Sur located in the district of Calacoto and Luciernagas on Avenida Illimani Street. Try also Pena Huari on Sagarnaga Street which offers not only great food but also traditional live music. La Paz is famous for street stalls run by Cholitas, selling inexpensive fruit and freshly squeezed juice. If you meet them, you just have to give it a try.

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