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  • General information

    Official language: Portuguese
    Time zone: UTC -3
    Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

  • A walk on the sunny avenue

    During autumn and spring equinox, the sun rises and sets on the line of the Equatorial, shining at the monument of Marco Zero alongside the Equatorial Avenue. A must see!

  • A palm tree story

    The name of the city refers to a word macapaba, that in language of tribe Tupi means “a place of many bacabas”, fruits of local palm trees.

  • How to communicate?

    In Macapá basic language is Portuguese, but with young Brazilian you can try communicate in English or French, as these languages are taught at high schools.

What’s worth seeing in Macapá?

Macapá is a city in the northern part of Brazil, situated by the Amazon, just by its mouth on the Atlantic Ocean. It is connected via land only with some cities of the state, with other parts of Brazil communication is only possible via airway or waterway. Exactly through the middle of the city goes the Equatorial which makes weather there a tropical one.

Beginnings of the city go back to 1738, when on that area a base of Portuguese military department was established. 20 years later a farm São José de Macapá was founded there, whereas in 1854 a settlement was given a status of a city. Getting to know Macapá should start from an old fortress of St. Joseph (Fortaleza de São Jose), built in years 1764-1782. An important attraction is also a statue Marco Zero, reminding that the city lies on the Equatorial. An interesting place is also Centro de Pesquisas Museologicas Sacaca Museum, whose sightseeing can help understand better reality of life in Amazonia. You can find out there how to produce cassava and get rid from it of poisoning substances. There are also presented different methods to build homes and huts.

Another must see in Macapá is Museu do Desenvolvimento Sustentável, an open-air museum dedicated to culture of people living in Amazonia. What’s interesting, on the premises of this institution there is situated a pharmacy, where you can buy totally natural products typical for that region. Available are also soaps of different types and balms made from plants growing in Amazonia, that work perfectly for different kinds of maladies. In that place you can also taste Amazon specialties and try ice creams of exotic flavours.

What to eat in Macapá? Due to location at the mouth of the river Amazon to the Ocean, local cuisine abounds in seafood. It is worth to go to a restaurant Estaleiro, that offers them fresh and perfectly prepared. Amazonas Peixaria is a greatly situated restaurant with a view for the Amazon, where you can find a vast choice of different type of dishes, though you have to prepare for higher prices. A cheaper option is lunch in Churrascaria Santa Rita serving churrasco, a grilled meat.

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