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Passo Fundo

  • General information

    Official language: Portuguese
    Time zone: UTC-3 (summer), UTC-2 (winter)
    Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

  • A beautiful cathedral

    By Avenida Neto there is situated a charming church – Catedral Metropolitana Nossa Senhora Aparecida. Despite the fact that it was constructed relatively not long ago, in 1951, it is definitely worth visiting.

  • Travelling by taxis

    A good information for you will be that in Passo Fundo there are fixed fares for travelling by taxi, no matter if you take it during day or night.

  • The home town of football legend

    In Passo Fundo was born Luiz Felipe Scolari, worldwide known football coach. In his coaching career he was taking care of national teams of Portugal and Brazil.

What’s worth seeing in Passo Fundo?

Passo Fundo – a town located on the Brazilian highland, on the altitude of around seven hundred metres above the sea level, in the state Rio Grande Do Sul, on the southern edge of the country. The average temperature there is seventeen Celsius degrees, and during a year it rarely falls beneath eight Celsius degrees. It is a tiny urban centre, as for South American standards at least, as it counts not more than two hundred thousand citizens.

Passo Fundo is a city of many faces. It is called the City of Good People, the National Capital of Literature, as most state and national events, connected with this subject, takes place there, the Good Place, as well as the Capital of North, due to its location on the area of Rio Grande do Sul. as much as geographical reference are obvious ones, the mentality of locals is worth emphasizing – not every region in the world has such positive connotations!

Which word describes the best the citizen of Passo Fundo? Gaúcho. This a specific civilization, whose members are proud of their belongingness. What is characteristic about it? Above all, love for music tchê, played on guitars, percussion and accordion and on huge focus on agriculture and animals inbreeding. Do you want to see the member of this people on the streets? You have a big chance to do so in this city! Especially among older people, who walk through streets in characteristic clothes, called pilcha.

Trying local tastes or getting to know how theoretically know to you dishes taste in place you arrived at, are important part for travelling according to you? In Passo Fundo you won’t be able to complain on lack of restaurants! Highly popular is a restaurant Chico Churrascaria at Avenida Brasil Oeste 3454, specializing in dishes of South American cuisine, especially Brazilian one. Great, Japanese food you can expect in, for instance, Sangsan Asian Lounge, situated at the same street, the exact address is Avenida Brasil Oeste 1986.

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