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  • General information

    Official language: Portuguese
    Time zone: UTC-3 (summer), UTC-2 (winter)
    Currency: Brazilian real (BRL)

  • The region of the best coffee

    On the grounds of Triângulo Mineiro there is Cerrado, an ecoregion covered in savannah. It is one of the most important terrain of growing coffee in Brazil; visiting a café, make sure to try the local specie.

  • Huge spaces

    To show you how huge country Brazil is, let us inform you that, for instance the region (not the state!) Triângulo Mineiro itself, where Uberlândia lies, is bigger than the whole Portugal!

  • The best beef

    If you like meat, and you plan to visit Uberlândia, you will certainly get interested in fact that the city and its neighbourhood are famous for the best beef in the whole Brazil. Fancy some?

Co warto zobaczyć w Uberlandii?

Uberlândia is situated in the western part of the Brazilian state Minas Gerais, in the region Triângulo Mineiro, famous for high standard of life and modern road infrastructure. Thanks to its location in the central part of the country, by line running between Brasília and São Paulo and a situated nearby airport, the city is developing very dynamically.

Uberlândia has more than six hundred thousand citizens, which makes it the second biggest city in the state. You will find there everything you can expect of the modern town. A vast choice of great hotels, bars and restaurants with splendid cuisine (reportedly it is impossible to encounter tasteless dish in that area). Also many cultural events take place there.

If you want to rest a bit from the city’s babble, go to a park Sabiá, situated in the eastern part of the city, by Avenida Anselmo Alves dos Santos. On the area of more than three hundred and fifty square metres grows a genuine forest, there is a lake and spots for doing sports, and even a zoo.

If you start to miss nature even more, it is enough for you to go to a trip just outside the town. Numerous waterfalls and marvellous nature is within reach. Less than seventeen kilometres from the city there is, for instance, a waterfall Sucupira. Crystal clear water flows from basalt wall from the height of fifteen metres, in the surrounding of fantastic vegetation. Staying in the area, make sure to visit that place.

Where you can spend an awesome evening, tasting delicious food and drinking great wine? Very popular is, for instance, Tropeiro Churrascaria by Avenida Joao Naves de Avila 1374, that serves excellent steaks. For various dishes of Brazilian cuisine it is worth to visit Barolo at Avenida Joao Naves de Avila, 1331 Lj 117 or Pure Point ar Rua Edson de Barros 80.

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