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  • Gibraltar
  • General information

    Official language: English
    Time zone: UTC+2 (summer), UTC+1 (winter)
    Currency: Pound sterling (GBP)

  • The view from above

    The Upper Rock Hill is a great place to see the panorama of the city, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlas Mountains. You can take the cable car to the top for 15 euro one way.

  • Watch out for monkeys!

    On the slopes of the Upper Rock, there is a reserve of Gibraltar magotas - the only monkeys in Europe. Although they seem inconspicuous, they can attack tourists and steal some food. Keep your bag closed!

  • Europa Point

    Europa Point is the southernmost point of Gibraltar. It is a perfect place for a photo session – it has, among others, a charming lighthouse.

What’s worth seeing in Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is the British overseas territory separating Europe from Africa at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula. For tourists, it is an interesting combination of British architecture, Spanish directness of residents and the African climate. Which places must be visited and what to eat?

Gibraltar, because of its strategic location between Africa and Europe, has been a bone of contention between different countries for centuries. In different periods, Arabs (Moors), Spaniards and British ruled it, which is noticeable not only in the architecture of this city but also in its cuisine and customs. Formerly a strategic seaport, today it is mainly based on tourism. The fact that the entire area is a duty-free zone is also a treat for visitors.

In the city, you can find the remains of a historic castle built in the eighth century by the Moors, i.e. Moorish Castle (Spanish El Castillo) with the Tower of Homage. In the area, you can also see the Moorish baths, Main Street with typical English buildings and Upper Galleries, i.e. tunnels carved in the rock by the English during the French-Spanish siege. Must see is also St. Michael's Cave, or a cave, which houses a concert hall and the Gibraltar Museum. Devotees of relaxation will certainly be satisfied with a visit to the beach in the Bay of Sandy, in a fishing village in Bay or in the city botanical garden.

What is worth eating there? Gibraltar cuisine is a combination of Arabic, Andalusian, British, and even Portuguese or Maltese flavors. Local delicacies include rosto (penne pasta in tomato sauce with beef, mushrooms, carrot and grated queso bola cheese, i.e. Edam), fideos al horno (pasta with tomato sauce, eggs, bacon, bechamel and grated cheese), rolitos (thin slice of beef with breadcrumbs, bacon, eggs, olives, vegetables and herbs) or calentita (pancakes made from chickpea flour). A popular dish is also British fish & chips, or fries with fried fish. Where to eat? We recommend premises such as Cafe Rojo, Gauchos or El Faro.