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  • Tbilisi
  • Kutaisi
  • Batumi
  • General information

    Official language: Georgian
    Time zone: UTC +4
    Currency: Lari (GEL)

  • The Festival Tbilisoba

    If you want to get to Tbilisi for weekend, make sure to choose last Sunday of October. This is when the festival Tbilisoba takes place, during which locals commonly feast and thank for summer harvest.

  • The Bridge of Peace

    One of the most characteristic elements of architecture of the capital Georgia is the Bridge of Peace, that is adjusted to pedestrians. It perfectly fits into the surroundings, despite its futuristic style.

  • Mother Georgia

    On the summit of the mountain Sololaki, in the western part of the city, there is a twenty-metres high monument of Mother Georgia (Kartlis deda). For small fee you can get there by cableway to admire the beauty of the whole Tbilisi.

What’s worth seeing in Tbilisi?

Tbilisi is called the Pearl of Caucasus – there is nothing short of exaggeration in that statement. The city, which is situated on the joint of Europe and Asia, allows one to feel a genuine oriental vibe, that is composed of lovely views, unique monuments, and above all hospitable guests.

What to pay attention to while walking around the capital of Georgia? To balconies, definitely. Those, which you will see in that spot are real masterpieces – hand-made sculptures, wooden balustrades, the older, the more beautiful and more creative. They are mostly located on second floors of buildings.

Make sure to go to the oldest district of the city – Abanotubani. It is known mainly for baths. The name Tbilisi reportedly comes from sulphur springs, whose are beneficially used by citizens, as tbili means in local language something hot. Baths are topped with copulas, that after dark, when the steam is lingering above them, make huge impression!

In the last few years Tbilisi has been changing, especially when it comes to infrastructure. New restaurants, bars and clubs are founded, old buildings and roads are modernized. Where then should you go when you feel hungry? Exquisite Georgian cuisine you can try in Barbarestan at D. Aghmashenebeli 132. You can also except very pleasant vibe and great, regional cuisine in Old City Wall, whose address is Baratashvili 1. For Asian dishes step by Umami Asian Fusion at 1 Rose Revolution Square. 

When upon visiting the town, you would like also to see, how traditional trading spot looks like, go to the Dry Bridge bazaar. Its name refers to a nearby bridge. You can buy there various things, but above all it is worth to step by to hear burble of locals that deal with all kind of business there.