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  • Saint George's
  • General information

    Official language: English
    Time zone: UTC -4
    Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD)

  • Private island

    As we mentioned, Grenada includes also several other island, such as Ronde Island. This island was put up for sale in 2007 and sold for one hundred million dollars to a private individual.

  • A little bit of history

    The first attempt to settle down on the island in the seventeenth century was taken by the British. However, this attempt was unsuccessful due to the local Indians. Half a century later, the French made an agreement with them, buying rights to land.

  • Try the local speciality

    One of the main dishes on the island, which you can, of course, get in St. George's is Oil-Down.  It contains salted meat, many vegetables, dumplings and fruit of bread tree.

What to see in Saint George’s?

Saint George's is the capital and the largest city of the island country - Grenada. It is located in Grenada and partly on the islands of the Grenadines.

The Grenadines belong to the archipelago of the Leeward Antilles, located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Saint George's, which name is also known as St. George’s, is the main city port of the country. It is the most important place on its tourist map. The international airport is also located in its area.

Although Grenada is located on the southern border of the hurricane belt, in most cases it is not touched by natural disasters. The climate of the island is tropical - in the rainy season, it is hot and humid, in the dry season it is colder and you can expect trade winds - warm winds that are typical for this area.

It is good to know that tourism is not the main source of income for the inhabitants of this beautiful city and country. The cultivation is an extremely important thing - mainly spices, what is possible thanks to incredibly fertile soils. This is also the reason why Grenada is called the Spice Island. The main export products in this place are nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, cocoa, ginger, and cloves. You will definitely want to smell these products and buy them, so you should look for the local marketplace. 

Do you want to taste local food and fresh fruits, prepared in the Caribbean way? We have several places that are worth visiting - BB's Crabback on the Grand Etang Road, the Umbrellas bar on the Grand Anse beach or the Sails restaurant near the local port – Carenage. While visiting the Sails restaurant, take the opportunity, go for a long walk along the shore and enjoy the view of colorful fishing boats. Feel the unusual local atmosphere.