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  • Zanzibar
  • General information

    Official language: Swahili, English
    Time zone: UTC +3
    Currency: Tanzanian shilling (TZS)

  • Take an adapter!

    It is good to know, that in Zanzibar sockets are different than in Europe. There are the same as in Great Britain, so you need to take an adapter, just in case.

  • The shortest battle

    On the territory of Zanzibar was held probably the shortest battle in the world’s history, between locals and British. It lasted only 40 minutes!

  • The birthplace of the legend

    Very interesting is fact, that in Zanzibar, or actually in its oldest part, was born Farrokh Bulsara, the musician known worldwide as Freddie Mercury.

What’s worth seeing in Zanzibar?

Zanzibar is the capital and the biggest city of the island of the same name, that is part of the archipelago, also called the same. It is situated on the territory of Thailand. Zanzibar is on the western shore of the island, so it allows to make use of appeal of paradise beaches with white sand and the Indian Ocean, whose colour in that place is incredibly azure. Remember to take sun lotion and hat!

The most representative street of the city is seaside avenue, going from the port to the end of the Zanzibarian cape, a place which is full of hotels. Along it are placed the richest and most beautiful buildings. Speaking about streets, it is worth to mention than in Zanzibar there is left-side movement and cars are mostly driven by men.

On Zanzibar, also in its capital, it is warm the whole year round. From March to June there is rainy season and we don’t recommend to travel to that destination in that time. The best period? From December to March, when it is the warmest, and at the same time not so crowded with tourists like from July to September.

The oldest district – the Stone town – is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is definitely worth visiting. To feel its vibe, it is enough to spend there one day, though you won’t then discover all of its lovely nooks. Local architecture is a mix of influences – Arabic, European and African ones. Make sure to go to a traditional bazar and rest in the surrounding of greenery in town gardens. Very interesting is also the Palace of Sultan, now serving as the museum, located at Nyumba Ya Moto.

In Zanzibar there are at least couple of spots, worth visiting to eat something. Popular ones are 6 Degrees South Grill and Wine Bar at Shangani Street, Taarab at Shanghani Street and Lukmaan at Mkunazini Street. All of them are situated in the Old Town and offer dishes of African cuisine.

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