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  • Luxembourg
  • General information

    Official language: Luxembourgish, German, French
    Time zone: UTC+2 (summer), UTC+1 (winter)
    Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Luxembourgian shops

    Staying in the city, you must remember that shops are opened very shortly. During weekdays you can make shopping till 19, in Sundays – only till 13. It is especially important, if you decide to cook on your own.

  • Museums not on Mondays

    If you don’t imagine a visit in Luxembourg without seeing at least a few of its museums, you should consider the fact, that on Mondays most of them are closed.

  • Multicultural places

    A very interesting fact is that almost 40% of citizens of Luxembourg are foreigners, it is also applicable in the capital. It is the highest rate in Europe.

What’s worth seeing in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg – the capital of the country of the same name. Called small-big city, it is situated on the south of Luxembourg, at conjunction of rivers Alzette and Pétrusse. Undeniably the city is very important spot on political map of the old continent. What to do there over the weekend? May as a good prediction for all fun lovers be a fact, that entrance to clubs is free of charge there, and party goers are driven home by toll-free bus.

The country itself lies in the neighbourhood of Germany, Belgium and France, if you want to ask for direction, be prepared to use French or German, as with English it can be hard. Citizens are among the richest in the world, which can be seen on every corner street – new cars drive there, and buildings are in great shape. You won’t want to stop walking around that beautiful place!

If during a trip you get hungry, it is worth to step by one of bakeries, spread around the whole city. The great quality of local bread is recognized around the whole world. You can find there so many types of it, that you can eat it for the whole week without getting bored. If you fancy to go to some restaurant, there are plenty to choose. For great dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, including fishes and seafood, go to a restaurant Athena at 56 Rue Adolphe Fischer. For very sophisticated dishes in French style, go to Clairefontaine at 9 Place de Clairefontaine or to Le Sud at 8 Rives de Clausen. 

Sightseeing Luxembourg, figure out if buying a Luxembourg Card won’t be beneficial for you. It goes in one, two or three-days versions and allows to entrance to many museums and travelling on urban communication. You can decide for card for one person or for the whole family (what is important, despite the name, that card can be used not only by family members but also by, for instance, group of friends). You can purchase the card through Internet or in stationary shops, in many spots in the whole country.