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Saudi Arabia

  • Buraidah
  • General information

    Official language: Arabic
    Time zone: UTC +3
    Currency: Saudi riyal (SAR)

  • Don't forget about date fruit!

    Dates can be bought at the market, especially in August and September, that is during the harvest. The city hosts an amazing annual dates festival.

  • A moment to relax

    The city has a beautiful park that offers visitors many attractions such as pools, fountains, waterfalls, cafes, a playground for children and a basketball court.

  • Camel market

    A camel market takes place every day from 6 am near Buraidah. A visit to this place is a great way to get to know the Arabic culture.

What’s worth seeing in Buraidah?

Lying in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, Buraidah is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Saudi Arabia. This modern capital of the Al-Qassim region in the central part of the kingdom attracts tourists with its oriental culture and world-famous fine dactyls.

At the end of the sixteenth century, Rashid Al Duraiby from the Al Abu Olayan dynasty founded the city of Buraidah, which became the capital of the emirate of the same name. Buraidah together with the smaller Unayzah settlement for a long time controlled the export of Arabian horses, they were also a key point on the caravan trail throughout Arabia. In 1907, the province was incorporated into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Today, the region is famous for its fruit crops, mainly dactyls, oranges, and lemons, and is one of the largest cereal producers in the country.

It is worth starting visiting the city at the Buraidah museum, where there is a great collection of historical artifacts, among which you will find exhibits belonging to Ibn Saud – the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Must see is also Hasat Antarah, where on a lonely rock thousands of years ago inscriptions and bas-reliefs were engraved, as well as Al-Sibaq, where you can walk among the palm groves from which you get perfect dactyls and other fruits. Interestingly, they can be bought on the spot from local farmers. Saudi handicraft beads are sold at the local souk. The skyline of the city is best admired from the impressive three-story water tower, which is one of the most important attractions of Buraidah. In the summer it serves as a water reservoir during water festivals, which are an attraction, especially for families.

What is worth eating here? Cuisine in Saudi Arabia is very diverse. In Al-Qassim province, try the matazeez dish, that is, lamb stew with vegetables and noodle cakes. Try the special marqouq bread made with wholemeal flour, which is served with spiced meat, pumpkin and butter. Qursan in turn is a large flat round bread about 50 cm in diameter served with meat and vegetables. Where to eat? We recommend Al Nakheel and Seeneez restaurants.