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  • Fort de France
  • General information

    Official language: French
    Time zone: UTC -4
    Currency: Euro (EUR)

  • Fort Saint-Louis

    One of the obligatory places to visit is the Saint-Louis fortress, located on the headland, which was created during the reign of Louis XIII. Some of the buildings are now used as a museum.

  • Several facts about Fort de France

    It is worth knowing that there are nearly 150,000 people, that is why the city is half of the population of Martinique and is also the largest center in the Lesser Antilles.

  • For plant lovers

    Jardin de Balata – a botanic garden with plants from all around the world, specific to the subtropical zone. It is located about 10 km from the city, in the north-westerly direction. 

What to see in Fort de France?

Fort de France is the capital of Martinique, which is the French overseas department. The city is located is on the west coast of the island, on the bay which has the same name. The mentioned island belongs to the archipelago of the Caribbean Island in the Lesser Antilles. Dominica is located to the north of it, and Saint Lucia is located to the south.

Because of the fact that Martinique is a French department, there are the same provisions as in France. You don't have to worry about registration or visa matters. All you have to do is board the plane and start your journey to this amazing place.

Until recently, Fort de France wasn't particularly visited by tourists. Today, after the changes after the changes made by the authorities over the last ten or fifteen years, more and more cruise ships are arriving at the city port, and there are also two modern terminals.

Thanks to the renovated buildings with amazing colors and the main park, walking around the city can be a real pleasure. 

This is why you should spend at least one day in Fort de France before you go to one of the paradise beaches, and certainly, you won't be disappointed. This is a place where you can often hear live music, the streets are vibrant, and the Caribbean food served in local restaurants is really amazing. Where are the best places to try the local food? For example - The Yellow at Rue Victor Hugo 51 has a very good reputation. Another place worth visiting is La Lucione on the Route de Balata. Chez Carole at Marche Aux Epices is also very popular.

If you are interested in local products, not only food, you should definitely visit the marketplace. Grand Marché is located on Rue Blénac. This is the place where you can buy craft, souvenirs and decorations, and above all,  blend in with the crowd and feel the amazing local atmosphere. 

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