How do I buy more baggage allowance after check-in?

How do I buy more baggage allowance after check-in?

Sometimes, while you’re already in the midst of packing, it turns out that you’re not really able to fit all your belongings within the baggage amount you had bought while booking the flight or that you wish to carry items that are not allowed in the passenger cabin.

Most airlines offer the possibility to purchase additional baggage allowances. Extra fees and conditions vary depending on the carrier you’re traveling with.

Call our consultant

When you need to change your booking conditions it’s best to contact our Call Centre at  +40 31 100 5000

eSky consultant will help you buy an additional piece of baggage or alter its admissible weight – even after you had checked in. You can also order sports equipment (such as a surfboard or skis) transport if needed.

Cheaper than on the desk

It’s also possible to purchase additional baggage allowance at the airport, but it entails high extra costs that depend on the airline we are flying with.

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