How do I transport sports equipment by plane?

How do I transport sports equipment by plane?

Airlines offer the service of sports equipment transport. Depending on the carrier, it may be included in the hold baggage allowances or charged additionally. Remember to order the service in advance – by contacting Call Centre – as registering sports equipment for transport might be much more expensive at the airport.

How to prepare sports equipment for check-in?


  • Remove pedals or secure them so that they do not protrude.

  • Unscrew the front wheel and attach it to the frame.
  • Set and secure the handlebars along the frame.
  • Deflate the tires.
  • Pack the bicycle in special stretch foil, plastic bag, or cardboard box.


Scuba diving equipment

  • Empty the air tank.
  • Set all switches and valves to OFF position.
  • Remove all power sources and lamps.


Scuba set may only be transported as a hold baggage and is subject to weight limits and excess baggage fees.

Fragile elements should be carefully secured, for example, wrapped in foam. If you wish to transport a harpoon launcher, it should be properly secured and the ammunition packed separately.



Transport of a surfboard or windsurf board is always subject to additional charges, never included in hold baggage allowances.

Please note!

If the weight of a board with rigging exceeds 50 kg, transport will be possible only within cargo services.

British Airways, among other airlines, do not offer the service of surfing and windsurfing equipment transport. It is, however, possible on some low-cost airlines, such as Ryanair or Wizz Air.


Skis and snowboards

Transport of skis and snowboard is possible on almost all airlines. Such equipment is treated as sports baggage – one piece of baggage may consist of a pair of skis with buckles and fasteners and ski-boots (for water skiing – skis alone).

It’s best to pack skis in a ski case.

The costs of sports baggage transport may differ between companies. Many regular airlines (e.g., LOT and Lufthansa) allow sports equipment in hold luggage and do not charge additionally for the service. Learn more about taking skis and boards on aircrafts.


Golf clubs

On low-cost airlines, sports baggage transport is charged according to the carrier’s tariff. Most regular airlines offer transport of golf clubs beyond the limit of free carry-on luggage at no extra charge. Such fees may be charged, however, if the golf bag with clubs is of non-standard size or the weight of all sports baggage exceeds certain limits (usually 15 kg).


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