10 things you need to know before travel by plane

10 things you need to know before travel by plane

1. These things you can’t take with your luggage

Explosive and flammable substances are forbidden in hand luggage and registered luggage of every airline. Among them are gas torches, firecrackers, kindling for barbeque.

Due to safety reasons, onboard in hand luggage you can’t take objects that could be used as weapon, for instance: sharp scissors, tools or corkscrews.

The most restricted rules concern liquids. You can’t take onboard in hand luggage more than 10 bottles of capacity of 100 ml each, all packed in one transparent bag of 1 litre capacity. In hand luggage you can have medicines, also liquid ones, but only in amount indispensable during a flight.

2. Packing suitcases is art

Each airline has its own rules regarding size and weight of hand and registered luggage. It is important not to exceed those values, as for oversize luggage you have to pay quite a big fee on the airport.

Most of airlines, apart from hand luggage, allow to take onboard also second, smaller bag – it can be a women’s bag or rucksack with laptop. Pack your luggage in such way that it would be easy for you to take something out during security check.

Registered luggage is going a long way before it is back in your hands. That is why it is so important that it doesn’t have any sticking out belts, zippers, pins etc. If you attach to your backpack sleeping bag and foam mattress, pack everything in stretching foil. You will have sureness that any element won’t get damaged or fell out.

3. Make sure to be ready for check-in

On the airport not only your luggage will be checked. Also you have to get through security check. When it is your time, take a basket located near belt and put into it everything from your pockets, take of your jacket, jumper, scarf, belt of your trousers etc.

Your things will go through scanner on a belt, and you will get through a special gate. Service can ask you for additionally, taking off your shoes, if the gate goes off.

4. Each country has its own rules

In the European Union custom rules concerning cartage of alcohol, cigarettes, food and flowers are in most countries the same. Whereas outside it, each country is having its own rules. Penalty for travelling with forbidden goods or having them in illicit amount, is also dependent on rules of a given country. The most gentle form of penalty is destroying goods. But, for instance in Muslim countries, there is a huge fine for shipment of alcohol.

Rules can concern also cash or valuable objects, like pieces of art, historical objects, parts belonging to animals under protection, like ivory.

5. Proper outfit for flight

Seems trivial, but it is worth to pay attention to your outfit. The more the flight lasts, the more you can feel uncomfortable in inappropriate outfit.

Comfort is the most important thing, make sure nothing squeeze you during a long flight. Even if you travel in the middle of the summer, take onboard socks and jumper. There is AC on always on the plane, so you will probably feel cold.

If you have long hair, tied them up low on your neck, so they don’t disturb you in laying your head on your seat.

6. Phone always in airplane mode

Though more often we hear information that mobile phones are not disrupting works of tools onboard, in most airlines there is a ban on using mobile phones during a flight. Exception from that rule is airplane mode, that is available in most types of phones.

Some planes have possibility of using onboard Wi-Fi network. Such service is paid in most of cases.

7. You can take food onboard

It is not true that onboard of plane you can’t take food. If you don’t purchase dishes onboard, you can get hungry during a flight. Take with you snacks or sandwiches – as long as they don’t smell too intensive and don’t leave crumbles. Restraints are only concerning drinks. To avoid them, buy your drinks in a departure lounge, after getting through security check.

Food for children is a different story. Parents or guardians can take onboard milk or other food for children. During security checks, they should be separately displayed. In most cases, in order to be allowed to take onboard food for children, a parent has to try it. In most planes there is possibility to heat food in micro oven.

8. Candies are not only for kids

During take-off and landing changes in pressure can cause a feeling of clogged ears. If you happen to suffer from a running nose, it can be quite unpleasant. There are a  few ways to deal with this issue.

Try swallowing saliva, chewing a gum or sucking a candy. This should soften symptoms. If you have issues with running nose, half an hour before take-off and landing use nose drops.

If fear of flying cause you gastric problems, get prepared for a flight – sleep before it, eat light dish and try to find something that will make you focus on something pleasant – it can be a book, favourite music or drawing.

9. Kid will be bored

Even if it is the biggest fan of aviation, every kid after a while without much movement is starting to get bored. It is worth to get prepared for such moment. If you can’t take with you child’s favourite toys, a piece of paper and crayons should be enough. Ask child to draw coverage of your journey – how a plane looks like, an airport, landscape etc.

You can also play games, that don’t require requisite – such as rock, paper, scissors, making up words starting with a letter at the end of previous one etc. You can also make up stories – guessing what places are you passing through now, what clouds reminds you of etc.

10. Cabin of pilots can be visited

Of course under condition that pilot will agree on that. It is not worth to ask about it before taking off – pilots are very busy at that time. Ask a stewardess during a flight, if after landing there is such possibility. If there is no delay and crew is in no rush, there is probability that the captain will walk you through the cabin.

Some airlines are having special loyalty programs for kids – for travelled miles they gain points that can be exchange for a visiting tour of the cabin.


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